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  1. Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2022: Fast wealth growth in times of uncertainty

    Despite the uncertain times, aggregate global wealth grew by 12.7% in 2021, which is the fastest annual rate ever recorded. On the other hand, inflation has influenced wealth levels this century and will continue to do so in the upcoming years.

  2. Thermal Power Station

    A nuclear energy future? For now, it remains unclear

    Energy security and climate change have become dual drivers renewing interest in electricity produced from nuclear energy. The Credit Suisse Nuclear Energy Report 2022 considers the efficiency and environmental merits and challenges of the technology. It also presents the controversy and political discord, and demonstrates that, in defining the future for nuclear, questions remain around whether it is possible to attract the financing required and overcome society's safety concerns for people and planet.

  3. Shanghai

    Zoltan Pozsar: We are witnessing the birth of a new world monetary order

    In a note published earlier, Zoltan Pozsar, Global Head of Short-Term Interest Rate Strategy at Credit Suisse, wrote this crisis is not like anything we have seen since President Nixon took the U.S. dollar off gold in 1971 – the end of the era of commodity-based money. When this crisis is over, the U.S. dollar should be much weaker. He believes the global monetary system will never be the same post the crisis.

  4. Renewable energy innovation accelerates transition to net zero

    Renewable energy innovation accelerates transition to net zero

    Technology improvements have driven significant cost reductions in renewables over the last decade, helping achieve near-global grid parity. A new round of innovations – making renewables more economical, efficient and available – is likely to accelerate the global progress towards clean energy adoption and carbon neutrality.

  5. Investing for women: Connecting with your portfolio

    Investing for women: Connecting with your portfolio

    The top three emotions associated with financial planning for men are self-confidence, excitement and happiness, while for women it’s self-confidence, stress and anxiety1. Women engage with their money less than men and generally have a more conservative approach to investing. This does not have to be the case, according to the newly published report, Woman to woman: Connecting with your portfolio.

  6. Sustainable investing for women

    Sustainable investing for women

    Women are becoming much more active and confident when it comes to trading and investing. In fact, according to June Felix, Chief Executive Officer of IGY Group (one of the FTSE 250 global online trading businesses), they are generally doing better than men in terms of their investment choices. 

  7. China's economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic

    China's economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic

    In this podcast Brian Blackstone chats to Credit Suisse's head of China Quantitative Insight David Murphy about how China's economy is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  8. At risk of cyberattacks: COVID-19 activates cybercriminals

    At risk of cyberattacks: COVID-19 activates cybercriminals

    The coronavirus lockdown has made us heavily dependent on the internet. With so many activities shifted online, banking including, cyber threat is on the rise.

  9. Making e-mobility sustainable

    Making e-mobility sustainable

    With climate change undeniable and new CO2 emissions restrictions, lower carbon transportation is necessary.

  10. Credit Suisse FX Survey 2020 reveals Swiss companies do not expect euro to appreciate

    Almost half of companies surveyed hedge against foreign exchange risks