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  1. The department store of the future. Shopping in Beijing.

    China's new middle class, numbering some 400 million people, will fundamentally change global trade. What are these people buying? How do they approach consumption? We accompany a young Chinese woman as she goes shopping – and catch a glimpse of our own future.

  2. Edutainment – learning through gaming

    There are few things in this world that humanity can never have enough of. Education is one of them. Today, digitalization is bringing about profound changes in this sector, and one particularly exciting trend is that of edutainment.

  3. Entrepreneurs solving real world problems

    Entrepreneurs solving real world problems

    Today we constantly look for innovations that shift paradigms. We believe that it is forward-thinkers who are best placed to spot and solve real-world problems.

  4. Greater job opportunities or social threat?

    The gig economy is revolutionizing employment, growing in participants as well as in skepticism. AI & The Future of Work: Assessing economic security in the gig economy.

  5. Wealth of nations: mostly higher than in 2007

    Wealth of nations: Mostly higher than in 2007

    The global wealth picture shows that household wealth differs across countries. These are the highlights.

  6. Where innovation comes first. Right after health.

    Health is our most precious asset. At the 5th Private Innovation Circle in Hong Kong, two out of a total of eight young companies presented solutions to help improve quality of life for patients with pain and diabetes.

  7. Global CIO video: "Fears of a recession are misplaced"

    Global CIO video: "Fears of a recession are misplaced"

    Other than ringing in the new year, investors had little to cheer about last month and, in fact, last quarter. Worries over trade conspired with a surprise earnings warning from US technology bellwether Apple and the Federal Reserve's rate hike to stoke fears of a sharp slowdown or even an imminent recession, sending equity market volatility sharply higher.

  8. Virtual reality. Innovations for the real world.

    Virtual reality. Innovations for the real world.

    Until recently, virtual reality and augmented reality were still a distant dream. But nowadays, they have become almost indispensable. At the 5th Private Innovation Circle in Hong Kong, three companies demonstrated how these technologies can be put to profitable use.

  9. This century's wealth trends: Broad-based wealth creation

    After the financial crisis, inequality rose during the wealth creation process. This phase now appears to have ended.

  10. Global wealth outlook: Emerging markets to raise their share

    Emerging economies will be responsible for almost one third of the growth, although they account for just a little more than one fifth of current wealth. Wealth will primarily be driven by growth in the middle segment, but the number of millionaires will also grow markedly over the next five years to reach a new all-time high of 55 million.