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  1. Edutainment – learning through gaming

    There are few things in this world that humanity can never have enough of. Education is one of them. Today, digitalization is bringing about profound changes in this sector, and one particularly exciting trend is that of edutainment.

  2. "Estimates were too conservative"

    "Estimates were too conservative"

    At the beginning of September, Credit Suisse launched its new Viva Kids offering with the digital money box Digipigi. Five weeks after the launch, Florence Schnydrig Moser, Head of Products & Investment Services, draws her initial conclusions and talks about exceeded expectations, waiting times, false realities, and letters from clients.

  3. Accelerating Child Literacy with New Libraries

    Accelerating Child Literacy with New Libraries

    Helman Sitohang, CEO Asia Pacific, was presented with the Friends of Global Literacy Award by John Wood, founder of the non-profit organization Room to Read at its annual gala event in Singapore.