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Launch of the Credit Suisse eCup and Credit Suisse Pro eCup eFootball tournaments

In collaboration with Credit Suisse, the Swiss Football Association (SFV) is launching the eFootball platform Credit Suisse eArena; the Credit Suisse eCup and the Credit Suisse Pro eCup are two new tournaments that will enable FIFA 21 gamers of all ages and abilities to compete with each other.

The Credit Suisse Pro eCup starts on Thursday, November 19, 2020, and is geared towards those FIFA 21 players who wish to put themselves forward in one-to-one duels at a more advanced level. In matches and ranking tournaments in accordance with the rules of the EA Sports Global Series, the aim in the best-case scenario is to find out whether one or two of the gamers could even qualify for the national eFootball team.

«Talent, training, and professionalism are the difference between winning and losing in eFootball too. Only the best make it onto the national team. The Credit Suisse Pro eCup is both a platform and the next important step for the SFV and all gamers in order to be among the best in the world before long in eFootball too,» says Robert Breiter, SFV General Secretary.

Luca Boller, captain of the Swiss national eFootball team: «The SFV and Credit Suisse's new eTournament landscape will continue to boost the potential of the Swiss FIFA community. I'm sure that many talented players will emerge from this tournament series.»

The Credit Suisse eCup is the grassroots competition for ePlayers, and the emphasis here is mainly on the enjoyment of playing. This series begins on Sunday, November 22, 2020.

Roman Reichelt, Chief Marketing Officer of Credit Suisse AG says: «We are very pleased to expand our long-standing commitment to football into the digital world through the two Credit Suisse eCups. And all the more so as eFootball has long since been incredibly popular with the new generation.»

In mid-June 2021, the top eight in the ranking will be identified after the preliminary rounds in both cups, as well as the main winner in each competition (Credit Suisse eCup/Credit Suisse Pro eCup). In addition to fame and glory in the gaming world, there are cash and other prizes to be won. Visitors to the newly created platform – Credit Suisse eArena (www.earena.ch) – can register for the Credit Suisse eCup competitions and will find many tips from pros, polls (goal of the month, etc.), and much more besides.

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