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Credit Suisse: Counter Services in Switzerland Certified

ISO 9001 and EN 15838 certificates confirm high quality management

Credit Suisse is the first bank in Switzerland to be given ISO 9001* and EN 15838** certification by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) for the quality of its personal contact with clients. The certificates for counter services were awarded to Credit Suisse in Zurich on March 22, 2013, with all the bank's approximately 185 branches in Switzerland now labeled accordingly.

These international, cross-sector quality management standards support Credit Suisse's endeavors to offer first-class services to clients in all regions of Switzerland. Since 2005 Credit Suisse is also investing constantly in its branch network, which will be modernized across the board by 2016 with a view to providing even more personalized and individual advisory services.

Christoph Brunner, Head of Private & Wealth Management Clients Switzerland at Credit Suisse, said: "We are delighted to have been awarded this certification, as it underscores our claim to provide a personalized, high-quality advisory service. We assess the satisfaction of our clients on a regular basis, and aim to meet their needs with the best service quality. In recent years we have made considerable investments in the quality of our advisory capability, and our employees receive intensive training and development."

The certification process included an audit of our specialist skills and client focus, as well as the overall process management of counter services. The ISO 9001 and EN 15838 certificates are valid for three years, and are reviewed annually with a view to continuous development. Credit Suisse's contact centers were already awarded ISO 9001 and EN 15838 certification in February 2010. In 1997, Credit Suisse became the first bank in the world to receive ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system; global recertification was confirmed by SQS in 2012 and extended until June 2015.

*ISO 9001: Certification of quality management systems
The rapid pace of technological change and the globalisation of the markets are creating a need for process-oriented quality management. It forms the basis for the ongoing improvement of the operational and organisational structure in the internal workings of companies. As a leading assessment and certification body for quality and management systems, SQS has many years of experience and expertise spanning all sectors of industry. This, in conjunction with the international SQS network, guarantees that the certificate for quality management systems conforming to ISO 9001 is held in high regard and accepted all over the world.

**EN 15838: Quality management system for customer contact centers
Customer contact centres play a key role in communications between the commissioning organisation and its customers. In order to provide an effective service, customer contact centres must be able to respond to the differing requirements and interests of both customer groups (contracting body and end customer) and to deal with matters consistently in the best possible way. This includes, on the one hand, the ongoing improvement of quality and productivity and, on the other hand, a commitment to good professional ethics and social responsibility towards the workers, the end customer (consumer protection) and the contracting bodies.