Economy & Society Commitments in APAC

Commitments in APAC

A key element of the Asia Pacific philanthropic activities is funding for disadvantaged children through education. Innovative solutions for school enrolment and capacity are also supported.

The focus of Asia Pacific Corporate Citizenship is on providing support for disadvantaged children's education. Investments have been made in school construction, providing training for teachers and scholarships. Children benefit from Credit Suisse support through programs that directly impact their education advancement and that contribute to poverty alleviation.


Education is the primary focus for Corporate Citizenship’s philanthropic and volunteering initiatives in APAC. We strive to create better access to education and greater quality of learning through a number of interventions such as school infrastructure development, teacher training and scholarship provision. 


The Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative’s projects in the region include Accion’s Training Centers in India and China and PlaNet Finance’s Microfinance Robustness program in China that focuses on risk management. In addition to financial support, Credit Suisse provides employee expertise and know-how through its internal Microfinance Advocates Network, the Credit Suisse Virtual Volunteers and the Global Citizens Program

Employee Engagement

Employees are encouraged to support our local communities by donating their time and skills to initiatives and projects run by our partner organizations. Active charity committees across many divisions and countries help to coordinate these efforts at a local level.

Asia Pacific Philanthropy Committee

The Asia Pacific Philanthropy Committee was established in 1998 to oversee the distribution of philanthropic grants in the Asia Pacific region. The Committee meets twice a year to review grant submissions and focuses its giving on providing educational opportunities to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Partner Organizations

APAC Corporate Citizenship works closely with local partner organizations to deliver volunteering opportunities to employees. In addition to supporting educational initiatives, these partners serve their communities through building homes and supporting disaster relief and environmental preservation as well as healthcare.