Credit Suisse is aware of its responsibilities as a globally active financial services company. Our primary focus as a global bank is on running our business responsibly and successfully, to the benefit of our clients, shareholders and employees, and of society as a whole.

Trust & Expertise

We offer our clients high-quality service and advice, actively support regulatory reforms and strive to maintain a rigorous compliance and control culture in order to inspire trust in our bank.

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Risk Management & Sustainability

To achieve long-term success, it is essential that we pursue a responsible approach to business. We expect our employees to act professionally, with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, due diligence requirements and industry standards. We also take sustainability issues into account as an integral part of our risk review process.

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Human Rights

In its role as an employer, and as a user and provider of services, Credit Suisse is committed to human rights and respects them as a key element of responsible business conduct.

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Sustainable Products & Services

The demand from clients for investments that incorporate economic, environmental and social aspects is rising steadily. At Credit Suisse, we offer a broad range of products and services that give investors access to sustainable investment opportunities.

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Agreements and Memberships

Credit Suisse is committed to various international agreements and has integrated their standards into its corporate policies.

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Sustainability Commitments

We are committed to sustainability, and our commitment is anchored in the Credit Suisse Code of Conduct, the Statement on Sustainability, and the internal Sustainability Management Policy.

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Credit Suisse considers it vital to make its products and services accessible to all clients, including those with visual, hearing or mobility impairments, as well as the elderly.

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