Responsibility Approach & Reporting

Approach & Reporting

As well as complying with the professional standards and ethical values set out in our Code of Conduct, we strive to assume our corporate responsibilities in every aspect of our work. We do so based on our broad understanding of our duties as a financial services provider, member of society and employer. Our approach also reflects our commitment to the environment.


Code of Conduct and Conduct and Ethics Standards

Our Code of Conduct, which sets out binding principles for all our operations worldwide, increases the personal responsibility of all our employees and Board members and creates a framework where each individual is familiar with Credit Suisse's corporate responsibilities. In addition, our Conduct and Ethics Standards are designed to ensure that people throughout Credit Suisse share the same understanding and expectations in terms of our culture and conduct.

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Responsibility in banking

Our main responsibility is to ensure that we run our company successfully on a long-term basis for the benefit of our clients, shareholders, employees and society as a whole. Competence, compliance, diligence and responsible conduct are key to the success of our business. This includes taking account of social and environmental aspects when conducting our business.

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Responsibility in the economy and society

As a global bank, we see ourselves as an integral part of the economy and society. We therefore aim to run our business in a way that creates value for all our stakeholders. Through our role as a financial intermediary, we support entrepreneurship and economic growth, and we make an economic contribution as an employer, taxpayer and contractual partner. We also support various humanitarian and charitable organizations and projects as well as cultural and sporting events.

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Responsibility as an employer

Qualified and motivated employees are a vital success factor. We want to be an employer of choice worldwide and therefore offer our people progressive working conditions and varied career opportunities in a multicultural environment to be able to attract the best talent.

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Responsibility for the environment

We are committed to conducting our business with a long-term view to supporting environmental sustainability. We believe important pillars of this approach include our support for the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy as well as the protection of biodiversity. We therefore strive to promote the efficient use of resources and address sustainability issues when managing risks.

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