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  1. Pillar 3a for residential property: advance withdrawal and pledging

    For a home of your own: Use Pillar 3a for a residential property

    Anyone in Switzerland who is lacking equity capital to purchase their own real estate can use Pillar 3a funds for residential property. Read this article to find out how this is possible and what you need to note for pledging and withdrawing Pillar 3a assets.

  2. Eco-friendly building: Four components of sustainable construction

    Green homes: Four components of eco-friendly building 

    Green building is on trend. These days, conserving environmental resources and living sustainably are more important than ever before. Read on for some sustainable building options.

  3. Real estate market: Facts from the real estate study and Real Estate Monitor

    Swiss real estate market: Current facts

    The quarterly Real Estate Monitor and the annual real estate study from Credit Suisse provide a comprehensive look at the Swiss real estate market. The publications focus on the long-term development of supply and demand for real estate in Switzerland.

  4. Owner-occupied property: Demand increasing again on housing market

    Just a brief shock: Rapid normalization expected for owner-occupied property market

    After a brief paralysis, the owner-occupied property market is likely to see a rapid normalization. The bottom line is that residential property remains attractive thanks to very low interest rates and low levels of construction activity. However, property owners will need to wait a while for a lasting recovery. 

  5. Living in a historical building: Special features of listed properties

    Buying a listed building. What you need to know beforehand.

    Whether a cozy manor house or a townhouse from yesteryear, living in a historical building offers a unique atmosphere. However, buying a listed building also involves assuming obligations for its preservation. This is why, when buying such a property, prospective buyers should take into account potential renovation or refurbishment work they may want to carry out later. Find out what you need to know as the owner of a historical building. 

  6. Energy efficiency funding programs: when funding is available

    Save energy and money. What's funded by the government.

    Anyone incorporating energy efficiency when building is planning ahead, and it pays off. The federal government, cantons, and municipalities have various funding programs for energy efficiency. Find out what is funded and the right way to apply for funding.

  7. abolishing-the-imputed-rental-value-why-this-will-not-benefit-everyone

    Imputed Rental Value: What Do I Need to Know?

    The Swiss Property Owners Association wants to abolish the imputed rental value. A range of different motions have already been made in the Federal Assembly, but what exactly is imputed rental value and how is it calculated? Not every homeowner would benefit from the imputed rental value being abolished.

  8. Real estate market: Housing sector likely to ensure stability

    Corona won't bring Swiss real estate market to its knees 

    The Swiss real estate market will not emerge from the corona crisis unscathed. Fears of an imminent crash are nevertheless unfounded. The housing sector in particular is likely to be a stable anchor in turbulent times. 

  9. Real estate market in 2020: High real estate prices leading to more commuters

    Swiss real estate market in 2020: High real estate prices leading to more commuters 

    High real estate prices in urban centers and their metro areas are causing many home buyers to take a close look at rural municipalities. This is illustrated by the 2020 Credit Suisse real estate study. Use our interactive map to find out which locations make for a sensible commute and what the supply of real estate looks like.

  10. Setback: distance between a house or a fence and the property line or boundary

    Construction projects on your home and garden: These setback lines apply.

    Anyone planning to build an extension to their house or erect a boundary treatment around their lot must observe the setback lines of houses, fences, and trees in accordance with neighbor law. What you need to be aware of and when it is a good idea to call in a specialist.