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  1. Real estate gains tax: Taxes are due when selling a house

    The sale of a house results in real estate gains tax.

    When selling real estate or a plot of land from private property at profit, a special tax, known as real estate gains tax, is applied. How much tax is actually owed on the sale of the house depends on the cantonal tax law as well as the duration of ownership.

  2. Easements: What are easements?

    Everything homeowners need to know about easements

    Those who know what easements are have no need to shy away from challenges as a (future) homeowner. An example of what homeowners need to know about easements can be seen in the following example with the couple Fabienne and Christian.

  3. Real estate sector: rethinking sustainability

    The real estate sector's green future. Rethinking sustainability. 

    The real estate sector is striving for greater sustainability. But what does sustainability actually mean? A professor from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology proposes a new definition. In addition, three projects reveal how sustainable construction could be implemented.

  4. Real estate market: Facts from the real estate study and Real Estate Monitor

    Swiss real estate market: Current facts

    The quarterly Real Estate Monitor and the annual real estate study from Credit Suisse provide a comprehensive look at the Swiss real estate market. The publications focus on the long-term development of supply and demand for real estate in Switzerland.

  5. Housing market vacancies are falling surprisingly strongly

    Swiss real estate market in 2021: Trend reversal on housing market

    The Swiss residential property market is seen as sluggish. Yet the COVID-19 pandemic has brought real movement to the most important segment of the real estate market. As well as a trend reversal in vacancies, interesting demand shifts can be seen.

  6. Mortgage expert Martine Gabathuler talks about what separation means for an owner-occupied home.

    "Couples should plan in advance what to do with their house in case they separate."

    Around 40% of all marriages in Switzerland end in divorce. Shared residential property makes a separation even more complicated. In this interview, Martine Gabathuler, Head of the Mortgage Center for Region Suisse Romande at Credit Suisse, talks about the consequences of divorce on a mortgage and what happens to an owner-occupied home following a separation.

  7. Home financing: Basic principles for financing homeownership

    Financing your own home: The most important basic principles.

    Looking to buy your own house or apartment? Only a fraction of buyers can afford to fully finance a home of their own themselves. In order to fulfill the dream of owning your own place, however, you can borrow money from a bank – in the form of a mortgage. We explain the most important basic principles on the subject of financing homeownership.

  8. Homeownership remains a pipe dream for many young adults

    More than three-quarters of young adults dream of owning their own home

    The young people of today have very similar goals and aspirations to the generations before them, yet they face major challenges when it comes to homeownership. The latest Real Estate Monitor from Credit Suisse looks at why young adults move out of the parental home later these days, and why their dream of homeownership is becoming difficult to achieve.

  9. Disposable income: Where to find affordable living in Switzerland

    Affordable living? Places in Switzerland where you have the most disposable income. 

    Affordable living in Switzerland? It is possible. A new study by Credit Suisse explains the five major factors that determine what makes a place attractive to live in, and it uses an interactive map to show in which cantons and municipalities people have the highest disposable income. 

  10. St. Gallen real estate market: Affordable residential property

    "Demand for residential property in St. Gallen is likely to remain high." 

    Interested in buying real estate in St. Gallen? The region is proving increasingly popular with residential property buyers. Ladina Rhyn, Head of the Mortgage and Lending Center for Eastern Switzerland, discusses the appeal of the St. Gallen real estate market.