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  1. Bidding process: Sell real estate and achieve the highest prices

    Selling a house with a bidding process. Here's how it works.

    If you plan to sell your house, you are familiar with this dilemma: If the price is low, you can quickly get your real estate off the market. However, you still worry that you sold it below its value. However, if the advertised price is high, no one may be interested. A bidding process may be the solution.

  2. construction loan construction financing for your dream home

    Use a construction loan to build your dream home

    Many people dream about building an owner-occupied home. However, before construction can begin, you have to answer the question of how to finance the construction. In most cases, the answer lies in a construction loan from a bank. Construction loans offer a high degree of flexibility and a clear overview of all costs for building a home on credit.

  3. Promotion of home ownership: Expert interview on real estate financing

    The risks of using retirement assets to finance home ownership: Advice from the experts. 

    The promotion of home ownership scheme allows buyers to use retirement assets to purchase their first home. However, an advance withdrawal or pledging of retirement assets means taking a look far into the future. Financial advisor Alexandra Caliman and financing expert Marco Schmutz explain the risks you need to factor in. 

  4. The real estate market in central Switzerland: Property prices are still rising

    Focus on central Switzerland: News and views from the real estate market

    Central Switzerland has a lot to offer. Its proximity to Zurich, attractive lakeside locations, and low taxes make the region a popular place to live. The Credit Suisse regional study provides insight into the property scene in central Switzerland.

  5. Prefabricated houses: The pros and cons of buying and building a prefabricated house

    Living the dream: What the prefabricated house offers

    The prefabricated house is a sought-after alternative to traditional solid structure homes in Switzerland. Faster and more cost-effective to build, each new home is ready for occupation within a few months. However, there are also disadvantages. 

  6. second home initiative market rallies following the second homes act

    Impact of the second home initiative: Demand for holiday homes is picking up 

    Demand for holiday homes in the tourist regions of Switzerland has long been plagued by uncertainty, caused by the adoption of the second home initiative. This has been compounded by the strength of the Swiss franc, which has taken its toll on interest in second homes from abroad. But things now seem to have bottomed out, and the market looks set to pick up despite the implementation of the Second Homes Act. 

  7. "The tight housing market has made it more difficult to find residential property in Lucerne."

    The city of Lucerne is popular – and not just with tourists. Available residential property is especially in demand here. Sina Zemp, Head of the Mortgage Center for Central Switzerland, talks about developments on the real estate market in Lucerne and reveals her best tips for prospective buyers.

  8. ticino real estate market falling rent prices in the southern canton

    Oversupply causing discomfort on the Ticino housing market

    The development of the Ticino real estate market is cause for concern. The vacancy rate reached a new high in 2019, rental prices are falling, and there is no turning point in sight. However, real estate prices for residential property on the Ticino housing market have stabilized.

  9. Real estate market: Facts from the real estate study and Real Estate Monitor

    Swiss real estate market: Current facts

    The quarterly Real Estate Monitor and the annual real estate study from Credit Suisse provide a comprehensive look at the Swiss real estate market. The publications focus on the long-term development of supply and demand for real estate in Switzerland.

  10. Finding land for building: New spatial planning legislation has made it harder to buy a plot

    "We don't think there will be a general shortage of land for building" 

    The revised spatial planning law is designed to improve the utilization of land zoned for building. This will make it more difficult to find building land. Real estate expert Fabian Waltert explains in the interview what impact the new planning laws will have, and where those who want to buy a plot will have to dig particularly deep into their pockets.