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  1. Trends in house construction: These trends are dominating the real estate construction market

    "Fifty percent of our new buildings have doors with fingerprint locks"

    A beautiful garden and a smart home – this is what the Swiss want, says Corrado Palermo, managing director and owner of Unica Architektur AG. In an interview, he talks about trends in house construction and explains the origin of these residential trends.

  2. Condominium association: Obligations of condominium owners

    Living in a condominium. Your role and obligations.

    Anyone buying a condominium also assumes part of the responsibility for the entire property. How you can contribute to a harmonious condominium association and what tasks condominium owners and managers can expect.

  3. Buying a place to live in Zurich: Real estate is expensive in Zurich

    "Prices have risen sharply in many municipalities in Zurich"

    Anyone who wants to buy a house or an apartment in the Canton of Zurich needs a good deal of patience, depending on the circumstances. Suzana Trifunovic, Head of the Mortgage Center Zurich-North, gives tips in our interview and says in which regions in the Canton of Zurich real estate is booming.

  4. Abolishing the imputed rental value: what eliminating it could look like

    A good chance that imputed rental value will be abolished

    Many people consider the imputed rental value on owner-occupied homes to be unfair. That is one of the reasons the Federal Assembly would like to abolish it. What might the change to the tax code look like, exactly, and what tax deductions would likely be eliminated as a result?

  5. Spatial Planning Act: Resisting urban sprawl on building land in Switzerland

    Building density instead of urban sprawl: The new framework for spatial planning.

    The implementation period for the revised Spatial Planning Act in the cantons comes to a close at the start of May. The act is intended to halt urban sprawl and promote building density. This will have consequences for future land-use designation in Switzerland.

  6. Pillar 3a for residential property: advance withdrawal and pledging

    For your own home: Use Pillar 3a for a residential property

    Anyone in Switzerland who is lacking equity capital to purchase their own real estate can use Pillar 3a funds for residential property. Read this article to find out how this is possible and what you need to note for pledging and withdrawing Pillar 3a assets.

  7. Building permit: The building permit process could become more efficient

    The planning application process could be shorter. Other countries lead the way.

    If you are thinking of building a property in Switzerland, you will need to factor in a lot of time. It can take several months from submitting the planning application to obtaining the building permit. Digitalization could accelerate the complex building permit process through greater efficiency.

  8. Withdrawal from pillar 3a for renovations: financing renovations

    Renovating and refurbishing with pension capital. What is permitted?

    Renovating residential property can quickly become expensive. Under certain conditions, money from your own pension provision can provide relief. Find out more about when the withdrawal of capital from pillar 3a for renovations is possible and how you can even use your pension fund assets as part of the promotion of home ownership program.

  9. Floor plans: What a good property floor plan looks like

    Flexible, well connected, bright. Good floor plans.

    Floor plans play a key role in the search for an apartment or house. Analysis tools can distinguish between good and bad floor plans. Find out what factors have an effect on floor plan quality and how to recognize a good floor plan.

  10. Forward mortgage: Taking out a fixed-rate mortgage in advance

    Greater security thanks to a forward mortgage.

    Mortgage interest rates are currently at record lows and many homeowners want to take advantage of this. With a forward mortgage, you can fix the interest rate of a future fixed-rate mortgage right now, even if your current mortgage has not yet reached the end of its term.