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  1. Energy efficiency subsidy programs: How to qualify

    Save energy and money. The government is offering incentives.

    People who build their homes to be energy efficient are thinking about the future. This kind of foresight is being rewarded. The federal government, cantons, and municipalities have various energy efficiency subsidy programs in place. Learn what subsidies are available as well as the right way to apply for funding.

  2. Real estate study: a lot to do before reaching net zero

    Residential properties with no greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – fantasy or reality?

    In Switzerland, the goal is for housing stock to reach a point of climate neutrality by 2050. One reason for this is because buildings are the third-largest cause of greenhouse gases, accounting for almost 24% of emissions. Yet, how truly realistic is it for this segment to move away from fossil fuels by 2050? The 2023 Credit Suisse real estate study looks into this question.

  3. The Swiss real estate market in 2023: Interest rate hikes put the brakes on demand

    Last year's interest rate hikes stifled demand on the Swiss real estate market. Meanwhile, there is a shortage of new apartments, as construction activity is slow. The 2023 Credit Suisse real estate study shows how these trends have a very different impact on the market for rental apartments and owner-occupied homes.

  4. Tenancy law in the Canton of Basel-Stadt: New rules for housing shortages

    Increased protection for tenants in the canton of Basel-Stadt. That is changing.

    The Canton of Basel-Stadt has strengthened tenant protection in times of housing shortages. For landlords, this means less freedom when it comes to determining rents and more bureaucracy. An overview of the most important changes.

  5. Imputed rental value: Key info on the subject at a glance

    Everything about the imputed rental value and its possible abolition

    Those who live in their own homes must pay tax on what is known as the imputed rental value as part of their income. However, owners can, for example, deduct mortgage interest from their income. For several years now, there has been a debate on the abolition of the imputed rental value. Why does imputed rental value exist and what would be the consequences of its abolition?

  6. The energy transition: Energy renovations for owner-occupied homes

    Free energy for your home

    Huge energy reserves lie dormant above and below our homes. This guide shows how to use them and benefit financially from them while simultaneously helping to protect the climate.

  7. Energy prices: Rising ancillary costs for homeowners

    Soaring energy prices causing homeowners to rethink

    High energy prices were already a cause for concern for homeowners last year. The latest price increases are now likely to cause many to rethink their use of fossil fuels for heating. The current Real Estate Monitor from Credit Suisse shows how higher energy prices are impacting ancillary costs and the demand for energy renovations in the Swiss real estate market.

  8. Your accessible home: How to renovate for senior living

    Renovate your home for senior living. Here's how

    Stairs, a high bathtub, and narrow corridors can all be challenging in old age. Many people consider improving their home’s accessibility so that they can remain independent as they get older. Read what measures you need to take to make your home accessible and what to bear in mind.

  9. Real Estate Monitor: Property prices are rising despite inflation

    Rising property prices despite higher interest rates

    Persistent inflation and rising interest rates have so far had little impact on the Swiss real estate market. On the contrary, property prices continue to rise. Rents and residential property are becoming expensive. Read the Credit Suisse Real Estate Monitor Q3 to learn about the underlying causes of this development.

  10. How rental purchases work. Tips for the rental purchase agreement.

    How rental purchases work. All the important facts at a glance

    A rental purchase makes it possible to rent a property first and acquire it later. In this context, the rent represents a down payment for the purchase. In this article, you can find out under what circumstances a rental purchase can be particularly worthwhile and what to look out for in the rental agreement.