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  1. The energy transition: Energy renovations for owner-occupied homes

    Free energy for your home

    Huge energy reserves lie dormant above and below our homes. This guide shows how to use them and benefit financially from them while simultaneously helping to protect the climate.

  2. Your accessible home: How to renovate for senior living

    Renovate your home for senior living. Here's how

    Stairs, a high bathtub, and narrow corridors can all be challenging in old age. Many people consider improving their home’s accessibility so that they can remain independent as they get older. Read what measures you need to take to make your home accessible and what to bear in mind.

  3. Real Estate Monitor: Property prices are rising despite inflation

    Rising property prices despite higher interest rates

    Persistent inflation and rising interest rates have so far had little impact on the Swiss real estate market. On the contrary, property prices continue to rise. Rents and residential property are becoming expensive. Read the Credit Suisse Real Estate Monitor Q3 to learn about the underlying causes of this development.

  4. How rental purchases work. Tips for the rental purchase agreement.

    How rental purchases work. All the important facts at a glance

    A rental purchase makes it possible to rent a property first and acquire it later. In this context, the rent represents a down payment for the purchase. In this article, you can find out under what circumstances a rental purchase can be particularly worthwhile and what to look out for in the rental agreement.

  5. Efficient use of living space. How to build yourself a small house.

    Reducing habitable floor area. An affordable home in a smaller space.

    There are many reasons for space-efficient building. Reducing the habitable floor area, for instance, makes sense from both a sustainable and a financial perspective. After all, those who use the habitable floor area efficiently can get a lot out of a small house and save on costs.

  6. The real estate market in Switzerland: Second homes getting more expensive

    Demand for second homes in Switzerland has soared

    While prices stagnated or even dropped for years, prices for second homes are now booming. Higher demand on the housing market since the COVID-19 pandemic is not the only reason.

  7. Real estate market: Homeownership more expensive than renting

    Déjà vu on the real estate market: Buying once again more expensive than renting

    For the first time in many years, those looking to buy residential property will have to pay more than they would for comparable rental housing. This change in trend on the real estate market is attributable to the recent dramatic increases in mortgage interest rates. This specifically pertains to Fix mortgages. What happens next?

  8. Energy-efficient construction and renovations

    Energy-efficient construction and renovations

    A self-sufficient home can protect you from rising energy prices: By building or renovating your home to be energy efficient, you can rely mostly on natural energy sources. Read how to make your home energy efficient or self-sufficient and what details to keep in mind.

  9. Thomas Rieder

    Interest rates have reversed their course. What lies ahead for the real estate market?

    After a period of many years in which negative interest rates were the norm, rising rates have marked a trend reversal and are sowing uncertainty in the real estate market. In this interview, Thomas Rieder, a real estate economist and expert on the Swiss real estate market, explains what mortgage holders should keep in mind.

  10. Digital real estate: Real estate appraisals through machine learning

    Digital real estate. When algorithms do appraisals.

    For over 20 years now, real estate appraisals in Switzerland have been performed with the help of algorithms. Cutting-edge machine learning techniques can further improve the accuracy of current estimates. However, this comes at the cost of transparency and increases volatility. This article covers these issues and more concerning digital real estate.