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  1. Finding land for building: New spatial planning legislation has made it harder to buy a plot

    "We don't think there will be a general shortage of land for building" 

    The revised spatial planning law is designed to improve the utilization of land zoned for building. This will make it more difficult to find building land. Real estate expert Fabian Waltert explains in the interview what impact the new planning laws will have, and where those who want to buy a plot will have to dig particularly deep into their pockets.

  2. libor-mortgage-or-fixed-rate-mortgage-making-the-right-decision

    LIBOR or fixed-rate mortgage? A comparison.

    Fixed-rate or LIBOR mortgage? You can make things easier on your wallet and your nerves by choosing the right mortgage. You should take not only the mortgage interest but also your personal needs and preferences into account. This comparison will help you find out which type of mortgage is right for you. 

  3. Renovation costs: Tips-for-calculating-the-investment

    Renovation costs: Tips for calculating the investment

    How much does it cost to renovate your house or your apartment? A realistic budget is key to being able to fully enjoy your upgraded home. Learn how to correctly budget the investments for a renovation and where you can save money.

  4. scaffolding-has-been-erected-for-the-renovation-of-the-facade

    Renovating: The most important facts about refurbishing or renovating in a nutshell

    A new kitchen, the renovation and insulation of the exterior walls, or solar panels on the roof: Refurbishing and remodeling come in many forms. Find out why a renovation can be worth it and what you need to bear in mind during the renovation process.

  5. Renovating made easy: Planning is the be-all and end-all

    Renovating: What you need to consider during planning 

    Planning is key if you want your renovation to be a success. Matters such as the cost of renovating your home and how you will finance this are not the only things to consider. Find out which building elements should be replaced and when, and what you need to consider during planning.

  6. Vacancy rate for apartments: fewer vacancies in owner-occupied segment

    Vacancy rate for owner-occupied housing falling for first time in a long while

    Vacancy rates in the Swiss housing market are continuing to grow – though not in all segments. While rental apartments often remain vacant, the owner-occupied segment shows a very different picture. There, the vacancy rate for apartments has fallen for the first time in years.

  7. Financing a vacation condo or home: What you need to know

    Purchasing a vacation home: What you need to know.

    Many Swiss people long for a vacation home in the mountains or in Ticino. Financing a vacation condo or home is subject to different conditions than the primary residence. 

  8. Energy-efficient construction: How to make your home more energy efficient

    Energy-efficient construction. These are your options.

    Energy-efficient construction or energy-efficient renovations protect the environment and save money in the long term. We will show you the options that solar power, heat pumps, and pellet heating offer, and how building insulation improves energy efficiency.

  9. Smart homes: What smart home systems and home automation make possible

    Living in a smart home. Better security, efficiency, and comfort.

    More security, more energy efficiency and more comfort – modern home automation promises all this. Smart home systems can be conveniently controlled while you're on the move. But when does a home count as smart and what can the smart home really do?

  10. Real estate valuation – calculating the market value

    How real estate is valued

    Knowledge of how real estate is valued is indispensable, especially if you are buying or selling a property. A valuation may also be relevant when renewing your mortgage. However, numerous questions may arise in this regard. Read here about how real estate is valued.