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Reducing our operational footprint

Credit Suisse strives to use natural resources more efficiently and to minimize emissions in own operations. We pursue a three-pillar strategy to achieve emissions reductions across our global operations.

The energy use of our buildings and the business travel of our employees are the most important levers for reducing our operational emissions. To reduce environmental impacts and lower costs, we implement a variety of measures through our environmental management system (EMS), which is certified globally across the company in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Our approach & strategy

Credit Suisse is committed to protecting the environment by mitigating our direct business impact and by utilizing resources in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our goal is to achieve net zero emissions across our own operations and supply chain by implementing a variety of measures through our ISO 14001:2015 certified Environmental Management System (EMS) across all regions, which will enable us to:

  1. maintain standards to meet or exceed relevant environmental compliance obligations
  2. continually seek to improve our environmental performance, stewardship, pollution prevention, and EMS activities
  3. remain committed to sustainable business practices and the prevention of pollution as we set and review measurable environmental objectives and goals
  4. communicate our environmental commitment, performance, and policy to our employees and external stakeholders
Three-pillar strategy – infographic

2025 environmental objectives

We continuously review our environmental strategy to ensure best practices are implemented into our daily management processes. By introducing the following 2025 environmental objectives, we have strengthened our commitment to environmental management:

  • 75% reduction in GHG emissions compared with 2010 levels on reported operational aspects
  • 100% renewable electricity consistent with RE100
  • 50% Green label office space1 (in m²) certified to a green building standard
  • 1.5% energy efficiency improvement per year in all regions
  • Reduce single-use plastic and increase the share of products made from recycled and reusable materials
  • 10% paper reduction on per FTE basis, compared to 2018 baseline
  • 100% environmental label paper
  • 10% water efficiency improvement on a per FTE basis, compared to 2018 baseline

1  Scope limited to Credit Suisse facilities that contain office space. "Green" office space refers to third-party accredited certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Minergie as well as the Credit Suisse green property quality seal.