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Volunteering in Switzerland

Each year, thousands of our employees volunteer their time for a good cause. They participate in projects and initiatives we support in Switzerland.

The Background

Our aim of being a responsible partner extends beyond our core business, which is why we have been involved in social matters for many years. As part of Corporate Volunteering, we encourage our employees to make a contribution through a personal commitment and get involved in our partner organizations' initiatives and projects. Not least, our employees grow personally and professionally in these assignments.

A Leader in Volunteering

Credit Suisse has one of the best-developed volunteering programs in Switzerland. Every employee is given up to four workdays per year for volunteering; special (international) assignments can even last several weeks. In 2018, approximately 4,000 employees invested 50,000 hours as part of corporate volunteering. This was complemented by a similarly large number of hours invested into private charitable work on boards of trustees and boards of associations.


The Program

There is a major focus on projects where our employees can share their expertise with others. This includes passing their knowledge of finance and economics on to children and young people, providing support with finding an apprenticeship, mentoring programs at universities and universities of applied sciences, and coaching people from immigrant backgrounds. Furthermore, our volunteers lend an enthusiastic hand with environmental projects, for example, help with the integration of people with disabilities or who are socially disadvantaged, and act as extras in exercises for rescue organizations.

Our Partners

Credit Suisse works with around 70 national and regional nonprofit organizations of all sizes, with which our employees work as volunteers. Here is a selection:

  • Swiss Red Cross

  • Pro Juventute

  • Ernst Schmidheiny Stiftung

  • University Children's Hospital Zurich

  • Love Ride Switzerland

  • PluSport

  • Schweizer Tafel

  • Stiftung St. Jakob

  • Stöckenweid Foundation

  • WWF

  • YES