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Our commitments in Switzerland

As part of our social commitment, we work with our partner organizations to develop solutions for social challenges in Switzerland. Among others, we focus on improving the employability and financial education of young people.

With our focus theme Future Skills, we support projects that equip young people with the skills they will need in the future so that they can develop their full potential. We also support programs that improve financial literacy and provide knowledge about debt prevention. For that purpose, we enable our employees to take part in voluntary assignments, provide access to our network and expertise as a bank, and make financial contributions to our charitable partners.

Employee engagement

Credit Suisse operates one of Switzerland's most extensive corporate volunteering programs. It enables our employees to make their personal contribution and be involved in projects for the common good with our partner organizations. These assignments also give them the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. Employees may dedicate up to four workdays per year to volunteering; select assignments can even last several weeks. Every year, approximately 4,000 employees in Switzerland volunteer 50,000 hours in more than 5,000 assignments.

A major focus of our volunteering program is on projects where our employees can share their expertise with others. These include - amongst many others - passing on their knowledge of finance and economics to children and young people, providing coaching to secure an apprenticeship, supporting mentoring programs at universities and universities of applied sciences and for people from immigrant backgrounds. In addition, our employees support capacity building assignments with their experience and wide-ranging expertise to strengthen our partner organizations. In the field of community engagement, our volunteers also make practical contribution to nature projects, help integrate people with disabilities or those who are socially disadvantaged, donate blood, and participate in drills for rescue organizations.

Expertise and network

As a company, we actively participate in many networks, and our employees have a wide range of experiences and skills. We use our network of relationships to establish ties between various stakeholders and share the extensive expertise within our bank with working groups, conferences, and partner projects. With our focus on Future Skills, we also aim for greater public awareness and development of this field.

An increasingly important part of our social commitment is for our employees to contribute to boards of charitable organizations. As part of our global Board Connect program, Credit Suisse organizes in-house training programs in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano for employees who would like to join the board of a foundation or charitable association. The program aims to enable employees to make positive contributions to the governing bodies of charitable organizations through their specialist expertise and the insights they have acquired in the program. In addition to training, we offer our employees an employee network with regular events. In collaboration with the platform, we have developed an external platform for the referral of positions on the board of foundations or charitable associations. We invite charitable organizations to use this platform to consider possible candidates for appointment to positions on their boards.


Financial contributions

Credit Suisse and its employees have been committed to fostering inclusive growth by addressing socioeconomic issues for many years. We support select partner organizations with financial project contributions and corporate donations. We also enable our employees to conduct fundraising activities for a variety of charitable causes via our fundraising platform, which we have developed with

Our partners in Switzerland

Credit Suisse works with around 70 national and regional charitable partners in Switzerland to support their programs and projects.

The Credit Suisse Foundation in Switzerland

With the Credit Suisse Foundation Jubilee Fund, we focus on implementing projects in the fields of financial education and future skills in Switzerland.

Corporate Citizenship and foundations. Empowering people.

In collaboration with our employees, we work with select partner organizations to confront social issues. Our aim is to help build a future where all people can access resources and develop the financial, entrepreneurial, and other skills needed to succeed in society and in their careers. As part of this commitment, we established three focus themes: Financial Inclusion, Financial Education, and Future Skills.

Focus Themes