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Our network. Sustainable connections.

As a global bank with a long tradition, we are an integral part of our industry and the regulatory environment. We participate in an extensive network of organizations exchanging ideas and information. We also maintain an ongoing dialogue with authorities.

Credit Suisse plays an active role in the following industry and business associations:

Switzerland Europe The Americas
Asia-Pacific International  

In the context of its global initiatives, Credit Suisse works with a series of partner organizations. The bank also supports a large number of humanitarian organizations in the four regions in which it operates:

Global Initiatives Education
Financial Inclusion Red Cross Partnership and Humanitarian Aid
Selected Partners in the Regions Switzerland EMEA  
The Americas Asia-Pacific  




Credit Suisse maintains numerous partnerships in culture and in sports:

Art Classic Cars Classical Music
Equestrian Sports Roger Federer Football
Golf Promotion of Young Talent Other Commitments
  • Promotion of Young Talent in Culture
  • Promotion of Young Talent in Sports