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Our commitments in Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, we focus on improving the employability, aspirations and financial education of disadvantaged young people and the financial inclusion of underprivileged populations.


Corporate Citizenship APAC drives Credit Suisse's social commitment with a strong focus on education, employability, entrepreneurship and financial inclusion for disadvantaged populations, as well as driving staff engagement in our 12 regional centers across a broad range of focus areas. In addition to our core banking activities, we are committed to being a reliable partner to charities and social organizations in our region, adopting a partnership model which aims to develop capacity through complementing financial support with pro bono engagements, employee volunteering and other in-kind donations.


Credit Suisse APAC Foundation

The Credit Suisse APAC Foundation focuses on improving the employability, aspirations and financial education of disadvantaged young people and the financial inclusion of underprivileged populations across Asia Pacific through multi-year partnerships involving both financial support, capacity building and employee engagement.

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Employee Engagement

Employees are encouraged to support our local communities by donating their time and skills to initi-atives and projects run by our partner organizations. Active charity committees across countries help to promote and coordinate these efforts at a local level.


Partner Organizations

Corporate Citizenship APAC works closely with local partner organizations to deliver volunteering opportunities to employees. These partners serve their communities through a wide range of activities, including healthcare, home building/renovation, food collection/distribution, disaster relief, assistance to people with special needs (e.g., elderly, persons living with disabilities, victims of human trafficking and domestic violence), environmental/wildlife preservation, etc.

Corporate Citizenship. Empowering People.

Together with our employees we work with selected partner organizations to help strengthen our society and to address social issues. Together, we strive to build a more inclusive future where all people can access the resources and develop the financial, entrepreneurial and other skills to thrive in the economy and society. As part of this commitment we set three focus themes: Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Future Skills.

Our regional teams, foundations and charity committees implement projects – in collaboration with specialized partner organizations – that make a difference to the communities in which we live and work and respond to regional and local challenges.

Focus Themes