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Commitments in the Americas

Corporate Citizenship programs in the Americas feature investments aligned with the bank's global efforts, with an emphasis on Future Skills and supporting our employees in service of local communities.


We are inspired by the long-​standing commitment of Credit Suisse and its employees to strengthen the communities in which we live and work. Through a comprehensive range of volunteer support and funding, we are dedicated to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations. Our desire for a more inclusive future fuels our investment in education in support of Future Skills. Most of our commitments in the Americas are fulfilled by the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation and, in Brazil, by the Instituto Credit Suisse Hedging-​Griffo where the needs of local communities are prioritized.


Future Skills

In the Americas, we support educational efforts that provide young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with skills necessary for a strong career start in order to live choice-filled, upwardly-mobile lives. College is the most sure path to do so, thus, we support groups that are enabling their students to graduate college at 3–4x the rate for what is typical for kids from the lowest income quartile. We also recognize that college is not the only route to upward mobility. Therefore, we are increasingly investing in initiatives that improve the pathways between education and employment, like apprenticeships, certifications, and two-year degrees. 


Employee Engagement

We help employees lend their time and talents to the causes they care about and we work with our partner organizations to identify projects that address authentic needs in the community. For more than a decade, over 70% of employees in the Americas have volunteered or donated annually through Credit Suisse Corporate Citizenship programs.


Financial Education

Education is a driver of economic empowerment and social mobility. Financial education in particular teaches young people how to save and manage money and to think about basic business and entrepreneurship concepts. These skills are of key importance for young people around the world – especially girls and young women in low-income communities within developing countries who are at higher risk of being marginalized. The program aims to increase girls' awareness of their social and economic rights, and help girls build better futures for themselves through financial capabilities. In an effort to build further capacity for Financial Education partners, Credit Suisse employees volunteer their time and expertise through the Skills xChange virtual volunteering platform and Global Citizens Program.


Financial Inclusion

Through the Financial Inclusion Initiative (FII) Credit Suisse supports the development of innovative and financially inclusive solutions to help advance progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the Americas, FII-supported projects have included the establishment and ongoing support of the Accion Venture Lab, a leading global early-stage investor in inclusive fintech startups, based in Washington DC, as well as support for Women’s World Banking’s action-oriented global network of financial service providers championing women’s financial inclusion in their local markets. Additionally, the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation became a founding partner of Ownership Works, a new nonprofit which aims to create $20 billion in wealth for lower-income workers through broad-based employee ownership.

Corporate Citizenship. Empowering People.

Together with our employees we work with selected partner organizations to help strengthen our society and to address social issues. Together, we strive to build a more inclusive future where all people can access the resources and develop the financial, entrepreneurial and other skills to thrive in the economy and society. As part of this commitment we set three focus themes: Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Future Skills.

Our regional teams, foundations and charity committees implement projects – in collaboration with specialized partner organizations – that make a difference to the communities in which we live and work and respond to regional and local challenges.

Focus Themes