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Ongoing dialogue with stakeholders

The trust of our clients and other stakeholders is essential to the success of a global bank like ours. Maintaining an ongoing dialogue is crucial in this regard.

Engaging with our Stakeholders

The long-term success of our bank depends on our ability to gain and maintain the trust of our stakeholders.

Our business works on the basis of trust. One of the ways we inspire trust in our stakeholders is by knowing what they expect from us and how their expectations are changing. We therefore regularly engage in a dialogue with clients, shareholders, employees, regulators and NGOs, as well as other stakeholders. We gain an understanding of their needs and interests through discussions and by conducting surveys or participating in events, as well as through our involvement in initiatives, forums and associations. At one of our flagship events, the Credit Suisse Salon, clients discuss a range of topics with international opinion leaders and Credit Suisse's top management. We also host the Asian Investment Conference and participate at the World Economic Forum in Davos on a yearly basis. To promote sustainable business approaches, we host the Lifefair forum event series in Zurich.

We regularly undertake a materiality assessment in order to identify critical economic, environmental and social issues that may either have a significant impact on the company's business performance or substantively influence the assessments and decisions of our stakeholders. Individual groups of stakeholders have different – and sometimes conflicting – interests and consequently have their own specific expectations of us as a bank. By exchanging our views with these stakeholders, we gain a more detailed understanding of our responsibilities in our core business of banking, as well as our responsibilities toward our employees, society and the environment. At the same time, this dialogue enables us to identify potential issues at an early stage, offer our perspective and help to develop solutions to current challenges wherever possible.

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Launched in 1895, the Bulletin is the world’s oldest banking magazine and part of our contribution to the public debate. The award-winning magazine explores the most important economic, political and social questions of our time and features global thought leaders and in-depth expertise.

Credit Suisse Worry Barometer 2019. What the Swiss are concerned about.

Contributions to the Public Debate

Credit Suisse's publications regularly include analyses of important current affairs.

Our publications are an important component of Credit Suisse's dialogue with its various stakeholders. We use a range of media and different formats to satisfy the information requirements and preferences of our readers. Our offering is targeted primarily at clients and investors but is also used by the media and academics, thus benefiting a broad audience.

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