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  1. Credit Suisse holds Investor Deep Dive sessions on Risk Management, Compliance and Technology & Operations as well as on Wealth Management

    Credit Suisse Group AG (Credit Suisse) is today holding an Investor Deep Dive to inform investors about its key priorities and achievements across the Risk, Compliance and Technology & Operations functions as well as in the Wealth Management business.

  2. Decision by the Swiss Federal Criminal Court

    Credit Suisse Group has taken note of the Swiss Federal Criminal Court’s decision to impose a fine of CHF 2 million against Credit Suisse AG for certain historical organizational inadequacies (article 102 of the Swiss Criminal Code) for the period between July 2007 and December 2008. The investigation dates back more than 14 years. The bank will appeal the decision.

  3. Credit Suisse Asset Management reaches agreement with Bluestone Resources

    Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM) and Bluestone Resources (Bluestone) have reached an agreement that maps out a plan for the payment of cash to noteholders, including the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) funds, which can then be distributed to investors in those funds. The agreement is also intended to secure the future for Bluestone’s mining operations.

  4. Credit Suisse aumenta i premi per le squadre nazionali di calcio femminili e sostiene la candidatura dell’ASF per Euro 2025

    Credit Suisse lancia un segnale per le pari opportunità e intensifica il suo impegno a favore del calcio femminile