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While our financial results are still subject to detailed finalization and review, we would expect to report a pre-tax loss for 1Q 2021 of approximately CHF 900 million. This includes a charge of CHF 4.4 billion in respect of the failure by a US-based hedge fund to meet its margin commitments as we announced on March 29, 2021. This will negate the very strong performance that had otherwise been achieved by our investment banking businesses and the increase in the year-on-year profits in all three of our wealth management businesses, as well as in asset management, with particular strength in our Asia Pacific division. Net new assets were positive during the quarter across our three wealth management businesses as well as in asset management and in the Swiss corporate and institutional business. 

In terms of our capital position, while this is also still subject to our usual end-period finalization and review processes, we would currently expect the 1Q 2021 CET1 ratio to be at least 12%. With regard to leverage, we expect our 1Q 2021 Tier 1 leverage ratio to be at least 5.4% and our 1Q 2021 CET1 leverage ratio to be at least 3.7%. Following the completion of share buybacks in 1Q 2021, we have suspended the share buyback program and we do not intend to resume share purchases before we have regained our target capital ratios and restored our dividend. As of the end of 1Q21, our liquidity position remains strong with HQLA balances expected to exceed USD 200 billion and the Group liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) expected to exceed 200%.

With regard to the four supply chain finance funds, where we continue to see cash inflows, we will distribute a separate update on further repayments within the next few days.

We acknowledge that both the US hedge fund and the supply chain finance fund matters require substantial further review and scrutiny. The Board of Directors has launched investigations into both of these matters which will not only focus on the direct issues arising from each of them, but also reflect on the broader consequences and lessons learned. We have also undertaken senior management changes within the Investment Bank division and within the Risk and Compliance organization as separately announced today. 

Thomas Gottstein, CEO of Credit Suisse Group said: "The significant loss in our Prime Services business relating to the failure of a US-based hedge fund is unacceptable. In combination with the recent issues around the supply chain finance funds, I recognize that these cases have caused significant concern amongst all our stakeholders. Together with the Board of Directors, we are fully committed to addressing these situations. Serious lessons will be learned. Credit Suisse remains a formidable institution with a rich history."

Our 1Q 2021 financial results will be published on April 22, 2021.