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Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Credit Suisse Group

Credit Suisse Group today published the agenda for the 2021 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of Shareholders.

Credit Suisse Group plans to hold its EGM on October 1, 2021 to elect two new members of the Board of Directors. In light of the continuing exceptional circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EGM will be held in accordance with the requirements of Ordinance 3 of the Swiss Federal Council regarding measures on combatting the Coronavirus. The Board of Directors regrets that this event will therefore be held without the personal attendance of shareholders. Shareholders are requested to vote in advance by granting a power of attorney and issuing voting instructions to the independent proxy. The respective deadline is Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

At the EGM, the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Group will propose the election of Mr. Axel Lehmann and Mr. Juan Colombas as members of the Board of Directors and the election of Mr. Colombas as a member of the Compensation Committee for a term until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Subject to his election, the Board of Directors intends to appoint Mr. Lehmann as the new Chair of the Risk Committee.

The EGM will not be broadcast live. A media release containing the voting results will be published after the EGM and the minutes of the meeting will be available at: credit-suisse.com/egm.

A speech to shareholders by Mr. António Horta-Osório, Chairman of the Board of Directors, will be available from 10:30 a.m. (CEST) at: credit-suisse.com/egm