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Credit Suisse’s Response to SNB Financial Stability Report

Credit Suisse had total capital, equity and contingent capital instruments, of CHF 49.3 billion as of end March 2016, equivalent to a going-concern capital ratio of 17.0% and a going-concern leverage ratio of 5.1% which compares to a fully phased-in requirement under TBTF2 of 14.3% and 5.0%, respectively. As the SNB’s Financial Stability Report confirms, our equity leverage ratio stands at 3.3%, compared to the 2020 fully phased-in requirement of 3.5%. We have already announced that, as part of our debt capital program between now and 2024, we will align our existing contingent capital stock from CHF 18.5 billion of high and low trigger instruments to around CHF 15 billion of fully-compliant AT1 high-trigger instruments, in line with the SNB’s comments today.