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Credit Suisse Super League: Football for all in the new season

This coming weekend sees the kick-off of the Credit Suisse Super League. Fans, along with Credit Suisse clients and employees, will be able to take advantage of a wide range of discounts and offers relating to the clubs in Switzerland's top football league. As with Credit Suisse's commitment to football in general, the promotion of young talent will play a central role in the Super League partnership. Women's football and social projects will also be supported.

As announced in November 2020, Credit Suisse is continuing to build on its extensive commitment to Swiss football with the launch of the Credit Suisse Super League. In addition to exclusive offers for clients, families and Credit Suisse employees, fans who have no connection to the bank will be able to take advantage of a wide range of attractive offers surrounding the League and the top clubs.

A host of attractive offers and activities
A large number of tickets for Super League matches will be given away across all parts of the country during the season. In addition, fans will be able to win signed fan merchandise from Credit Suisse for the ten Super League clubs, as well as access to meet-and-greet events with players, exclusive VIP stadium tours and much more. Specifically for children, the clubs themselves will offer exclusive training sessions with their star players – with some of the lucky youngsters even being given the chance to accompany a player onto the pitch before kick-off. Credit Suisse will also launch a host of other preferential offers for clients and employees, including permanent discounts on tickets, fan merchandise and live streaming, as well as exclusive stadium experiences on match days. Most of the offers will be available directly via the digital banking offering CSX. Further information on these campaigns will be announced on an ongoing basis, including via Credit Suisse social media channels.

Broad, sustained commitment
As title sponsor of the Credit Suisse Super League, the bank is also committed to diversity and inclusion in this area. That includes supporting not only men's football but also women's football and social projects. A strong emphasis will also be placed on the promotion of young talent as part of the Credit Suisse Super League commitment. The Credit Suisse Super League will provide the ideal basis for future national team players to get a taste of professional football and will serve as a springboard to an international career. The Credit Suisse commitment will partly be delivered through direct collaboration with the clubs, with funds being made available for work in the areas mentioned.

André Helfenstein, CEO of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd., said: "We very much look forward to the launch of the Credit Suisse Super League. The Swiss national team inspired us with its performance in the European Championship. That is partly the result of our many years of promoting young talent, as well as our partnership with the Swiss Football Association dating back to 1993. Exciting upcoming matches as part of the Credit Suisse Super League will give young players and future senior national team players an opportunity to develop their talents. With the targeted expansion of our commitment to Swiss football, we are further strengthening the overall foundations for outstanding sporting performance at all levels. At the same time, we are creating the basis for many wonderful footballing moments for Switzerland."

Credit Suisse's commitment to Swiss football
Credit Suisse has supported the Swiss Football Association (SFV) since 1993, and is the main partner of all senior national women's and men's teams, and youth teams. In addition to supporting professional football, Credit Suisse also promotes football at a recreational level, including through the Credit Suisse Cup – the official Swiss schools' football championship. In addition, efootball tournaments have been held in collaboration with the SFV since last year. Credit Suisse also won the naming rights for the new football stadium in Zurich: The Credit Suisse Arena will likely be the venue for Swiss national team matches and Credit Suisse Super League matches that are due to start in the 2024/25 season. With the Credit Suisse Super League, the bank is underscoring its commitment to football, sport and Switzerland and is making a further contribution to promoting football at the highest level – including at the grassroots level.