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Credit Suisse AG Announces the Extension of the Maturity Date of the Credit Suisse FI Large Cap Growth Enhanced ("FLGE") ETNs

Credit Suisse AG ("Credit Suisse") announced today that it will extend the Maturity Date of the FLGE ETNs (details in table below):
ETN Name* Exchange Exchange Ticker** CUSIP** Initially Scheduled Maturity Date Extended Maturity Date
Credit Suisse FI Large Cap Growth Enhanced Exchange Traded Notes NYSE Arca FLGE 22542D423 6/13/2019 6/13/2024

*The table above provides a hyperlink to the current FLGE pricing supplement.

**The CUSIP and Exchange Ticker for the FLGE ETNs are unchanged.

On April 23, 2019, Credit Suisse, at its option and in accordance with the terms of the FLGE ETNs, extended the maturity date of the FLGE ETNs by five years from their initially scheduled maturity date, June 13, 2019. The extended scheduled maturity date of the FLGE ETNs is June 13, 2024 (the "Extended Maturity Date") and the final valuation date is the third scheduled business day prior to the Extended Maturity Date. Subject to the conditions and limitations detailed in the FLGE pricing supplement, holders of the FLGE ETNs may continue to offer at least the applicable minimum number of the FLGE ETNs for early redemption. Please refer to the FLGE pricing supplement for detailed information relating to the maturity date and its extension, as well as early redemptions.

This announcement relates only to the FLGE ETNs. None of the other ETNs offered by Credit Suisse are affected by this announcement. All dates referenced above are subject to change, including postponement due to certain events.