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A novel solution supports homeowners along the real-estate lifecycle: Credit Suisse, MoneyPark and PriceHubble enter strategic partnership

Buying, selling, financing – new all-encompassing real-estate services will be digitally integrated, transparent and fast. The strategic partnership will combine digital banking and financing from Credit Suisse, real-estate and mortgage services by MoneyPark and big data and analytics from PriceHubble. Homeowners will benefit from expert support and solutions unlike anything available on the market today.

By joining forces, the three partners Credit Suisse, MoneyPark and PriceHubble will be able to provide a seamless, innovative and truly market disruptive client experience for buying, selling and financing real-estate. Starting early next year, Credit Suisse clients will benefit from a real-estate platform which allows for them to easily navigate the entire real-estate journey.

The solution offered to clients represents a new era for real-estate in that clients will have exclusive access to a platform of homes which match their search criteria, special interests and financial capabilities. The property dashboard will provide homeowners with valuable information including up-to-date property valuation, location insights and market dynamics such as supply and demand and attractiveness, and it enables clients to monitor their property value. Moreover, clients can search for bespoke property opportunities matching their financial situation and sell existing property, they can directly identify potential buyers, and they have access to financing solutions led by Credit Suisse including multi-partner financing options by MoneyPark. Across the entire journey, including the buying and selling process, clients will have full transparency and control just a few clicks away.

Anke Bridge Haux, Head of Digital Banking at Credit Suisse, said: “This unique solution will improve the customer journey by leveraging the opportunities of advanced data processing technology into flexible financing solutions. It complements our product portfolio in line with the bank’s strategic focus and represents a great advancement for innovative banking in the Swiss real-estate market.”

Serge Fehr, Head of Private Banking Switzerland, added: “With this partnership, we set a new bar in terms of client service and transparency. Our platform factors in a wealth of information and expertise when processing a client request and therefore delivers to them what really matters. This will substantially improve client experience and add to the comprehensiveness of our value proposition.”

Stefan Heitmann, CEO and founder of MoneyPark, said: “We are very pleased and proud to support and advise Credit Suisse clients on all aspects of buying and selling real-estate while leveraging and jointly developing our advanced data capabilities. Thanks to this strategic cooperation, clients can seamlessly and conveniently receive the best individual services at all stages of their real estate ownership.”

Julien Schillewaert, CEO of PriceHubble, said: “In this partnership with Credit Suisse and MoneyPark we’re bringing a completely new customer experience to the market. All Credit Suisse clients will soon have access to our digital solutions to better understand the valuation and market dynamics of their own property. We’re very proud of this cooperation, which brings a new level of transparency to the Swiss real estate market.”