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Credit Suisse announces full-year and 4Q15 results

Credit Suisse reported Group FY2015 pre-tax loss of CHF 2,422 million and 4Q15 pre-tax loss of CHF 6,441 million, including substantial charges which are not reflective of our underlying business performance: goodwill impairment of CHF 3.8 billion, restructuring costs of CHF 355 million, significant litigation items (FY2015 CHF 821 million; 4Q15 CHF 564 million), Strategic Resolution Unit (SRU) losses (FY2015 CHF 2,510 million; 4Q15 CHF 1,122 million) and Fair Value of Own Debt (FVOD) impact (FY2015 gain of CHF 298 million; 4Q15 loss of CHF 697 million)

Credit Suisse reported Core pre-tax income for FY2015 of CHF 88 million and a Core pre-tax loss of CHF 5.3 billion for 4Q15, and on an adjusted* basis Core pre-tax income of CHF 4.2 billion for FY2015 and a pre-tax loss of CHF 0.4 billion for 4Q15, consistent with our underlying business performance. We will report quarterly on this same adjusted basis at Group, Core and business level until 2018 to allow investors to monitor our progress in implementing our new strategy