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Use of Twitter to distribute excerpt key messages from public disclosures

Investors and others should note that Credit Suisse announces material information (including quarterly earnings releases and financial reports) to the investing public using press releases, SEC and Swiss ad hoc filings, our investor relations website and public conference calls and webcasts. We intend to also use our investor relations Twitter account @creditsuisse (https://twitter.com/creditsuisse) to excerpt key messages from our public disclosures, including earnings releases. We may retweet such messages through certain of our regional Twitter accounts, including @csschweiz (https://twitter.com/csschweiz) and @csapac (https://twitter.com/csapac). Investors and others should take care to consider such abbreviated messages in the context of the disclosures from which they are excerpted. The information we post on these Twitter accounts will not be a part of any quarterly earnings releases, financial reports or any other documents that we excerpt in such postings.