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Credit Suisse’s Customized Fund Investment Group Hosts Conference on Small & Emerging Managers in Private Equity, Real Estate and In-State Investments

On September 19 - 20, 2012, Credit Suisse’s Customized Fund Investment Group (“CFIG”) hosted the sixth annual “Credit Suisse Conference on Small & Emerging Managers in Private Equity, Real Estate and In-State Investments,” in Dallas, Texas.

The Conference, which was open to all private equity professionals, was attended by over 450 representatives of U.S.-based pension plans, endowments, foundations, private equity managers and other industry participants. Through open networking sessions and panel discussions led by market-leading investors and high-quality emerging managers, the Conference provided a venue for developing strategic initiatives. This year’s conference featured designated panel discussions for both real estate and private equity topics.

“As in years past, this conference was crucial in facilitating discussions between participants and small and emerging managers,” said Kelly Williams, Head of CFIG. “CFIG remains committed to helping clients identify ways to gain exposure to the growing number of small and emerging managers in the private equity, real state and in-state investment spaces.”

CFIG was pleased to host this year’s conference in a state in which it has a strong presence, with attendees, including Cheryl Alston, Executive Director of the Employees’ Retirement Fund of the City of Dallas.

“Dallas is a strong supporter of entrepreneurship, diversity and small business, and the city is the home of several successful global private equity and real estate firms,” said Ms. Alston. “The record turnout for the 2012 conference is an encouraging sign for the industry's future and CFIG's position as a leader in this field.”

Also in attendance at the Conference was Stuart Bernstein, Director of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas Emerging Manager Group. Mr. Bernstein said, “The annual CFIG conference continues to be one of the main focal points of the year, bringing capital and investors together in an increasingly crowded investment community. Kelly Williams and the CFIG team serve as dedicated investors with great access across private equity and real estate. We were glad to have them in the great state of Texas once again.”

The keynote address was delivered by preeminent philanthropist and former San Antonio Spurs player David Robinson. Mr. Robinson is also the Co-Founder of Admiral Capital Group, a real estate fund in partnership with USAA.

The Conference included the following panel discussions on noteworthy industry topics:

• Untapped Opportunities with Impact/In-state Investments – Panel addressed ways to pursue attractive investment opportunities that generate a positive impact without sacrificing strong returns;

• Current Market Trends and Transformative Regulatory Topics – Discussion amongst GPs, LPs and advisers on current themes relevant for emerging managers driven by recent regulatory changes and LP expectations;

• State of the Real Estate Emerging Manager Market – Panel provided an overview of the real estate small and emerging manager market, including the number of funds raising capital, which strategies and asset types are gaining traction and progress made by first-time funds;

• Alternative Capital Concepts for Real Estate Emerging Managers – Panel explored the options available to the emerging manager in lieu of or in addition to raising a commingled fund.

Speakers and attendees that participated in the Conference included investment officers and trustees from the Employees Retirement System of Texas; Teacher Retirement System of Texas; Employees’ Retirement Fund of the City of Dallas; California Public Employees’ Retirement System; North Carolina Department of State Treasurer; Public Employees’ Retirement Association of Colorado; and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

CFIG, which is based in New York City, currently manages approximately $29 billion in client commitments to private equity fund of funds and co-investment programs, and has programs in multiple states, including Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, New York, Indiana, and Michigan.