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Credit Suisse launches Guerrilla 2012 algorithm in Asia Pacific

Credit Suisse today announced the launch in Asia Pacific of AES® Guerrilla 2012, an agile trading strategy to assist investors in sourcing liquidity amid challenging market conditions.

Credit Suisse’s Advanced Execution Services (AES) team has developed Guerrilla 2012 for clients trading in Asia Pacific equity markets, whether they are calm or volatile, liquid or illiquid.

“Guerrilla has long been one of the most popular trading strategies in the U.S. and Europe, and now Guerrilla 2012 brings our algorithmic offering to clients in Asia,” said Hani Shalabi, Head of AES for Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse. “This is one algorithm which is flexible and intuitive enough to adapt real time to current market conditions.”

A trader simply needs to modify the algorithm’s execution style parameter, which determines its level of aggression, to adjust the extent to which Guerrilla seeks liquidity from AES® Crossfinder as well as traditional ‘lit’ markets. Crossfinder is widely regarded as one of Asia Pacific’s biggest dark pools.

Using real time market activity to intelligently adjust trading behaviour, Guerrilla 2012 takes full advantage of extreme, unexpected, price moves that work in the client’s favour while using Credit Suisse’s proprietary risk management platform, Advanced Order Protection, to constantly guard against movements that work against them. Advanced Order Protection incorporates all the procedures, techniques, and technology that Credit Suisse makes available to help protect its clients’ trades, such as counterparty controls, order level impact check, and market anomaly detection.

This development is further evidence of Credit Suisse’s global leadership in electronic trading. Since the formation of the AES® group in 2001, the Bank has pioneered new technology around the world, launching AES® in Asia Pacific in 2003 and becoming the first broker to introduce Smart Order Routing in Asia Pacific with the launch of AES® Pathfinder in Japan in 2009. The Bank now connects its clients to more than 20 alternative venues in Asia.

The strength of Credit Suisse’s Asia Pacific Equities franchise and AES® unit has been recognized with many awards. In 2011, Credit Suisse was named ‘Best Equity Brokerage House’ for the second year in a row by FinanceAsia, ‘Best Brokerage House – Asia’ and ‘Best Crossing Network – Broker Dealers’ by The Asset and ‘Best in Electronic Trading’ by AsianInvestor.