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Cathy Freeman Foundation partners with Credit Suisse to support Indigenous education programs for children in Palm Island

The Cathy Freeman Foundation (CFF) today announced that it has signed a significant new partnership with global financial services company Credit Suisse, which will support Indigenous education programs for Palm Island, one of the largest remote Indigenous communities in Australia.

Credit Suisse’s support will focus on CFF’s Horizons Program, which recognises and rewards students with interstate experiences for their achievement and improvement in literacy, behaviour and school attendance.

The program will include financial and volunteer support for camps in New South Wales and Victoria. Credit Suisse staff will also offer volunteer support for activities on Palm Island itself.

CFF CEO Sonya Stephen said, “We are thrilled to be joining with Credit Suisse as one of our most significant partners. Palm Island is the fourth most disadvantaged community in Australia1and it’s commendable that Credit Suisse has chosen to throw its support behind our efforts to provide educational opportunities for these children who live in an area of very high need.”

Credit Suisse CEO David Livingstone said, “Credit Suisse’s philanthropic efforts are targeted to support educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. The Cathy Freeman Foundation is undertaking incredible work and achieving success. We are delighted to be assisting these programs financially, and also providing our staff with the opportunity to become involved with this great organisation.”

The partnership officially commences in January 2012.