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Credit Suisse Sees Record Electronic Foreign Exchange Trading Volumes in First Half of 2011

Electronic trading in Foreign Exchange markets continued to surge in the first half of 2011, with Credit Suisse experiencing record trading volumes across its array of electronic FX offerings. This strong increase in volumes is testament to the marketplace’s hunger for the smart and effective electronic FX solutions that Credit Suisse delivers to its clients.

At this year’s FX Week USA conference on July 14 in New York, participants are getting a firsthand look at the range of FX solutions emanating from Credit Suisse PLUS, the investment bank’s innovative source of client-focused electronic solutions that span research, analytics and trading. Credit Suisse staff were on hand demonstrating the powerful tools that deliver research and execute FX spot and derivatives trading, whether investors are at their desktops or on the go with iPhones and iPads.

Merlin FX
Today’s challenging environment for trading foreign exchange options requires an execution platform that gives traders a competitive advantage. Merlin FX is our award-winning platform that enables fast and efficient trading of everything from vanilla options to exotic products and complex strips, with an intuitive interface that gives clients the same tools as Credit Suisse’s own traders. Recently, Credit Suisse literally put FX options into the hands of clients by introducing the Merlin iPhone app, which is available from the Apple App Store. With the app, traders can price and execute vanilla and first generation exotics, as well as live volatility surfaces, from anywhere, with round-the-clock support from Credit Suisse.

PrimeTrade FX
From simple FX spot and futures trades to sophisticated FX swaps and algorithms, clients require the sophistication and ease-of-use that Credit Suisse’s PrimeTrade FX offers. With its exceptionally wide range of product and coverage choices, leading-edge pricing logic and executable streaming rates, PrimeTrade FX allows clients to trade in one or two clicks and let the system algorithmically devise an execution plan that seeks the best return on the flow in all market conditions. Algorithms, meanwhile, can be tailored to a client’s exact instructions using Advanced Execution Services (AES) FX.

Credit Suisse Research App
Credit Suisse’s Equity and Fixed Income Research departments recently launched a universal app for iPad and iPhone designed to provide institutional clients with a flexible and dynamic new channel for accessing the bank’s world-class financial research. The Credit Suisse Research App, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store, offers subscribed Credit Suisse clients the ability to download research reports from the bank's Equity and Fixed Income Research departments. Clients can locate research by searching or subscribing to feeds which are organized using a variety of categories including product area, sector, strategy, or most read in order to streamline content delivery. The app supports multiple media types and offers clients the convenience of reading research offline by transferring reports to various readers, including iBooks.

Credit Suisse Onyx
In mid-2010, Credit Suisse became the first major primary dealer to offer clients direct access to sophisticated algorithmic trading in U.S. cash Treasuries and futures, and more recently we’ve added outright trading of cash Treasuries on Onyx. Clients can now choose their price and execute with the speed, liquidity and technology that were once available only to the largest dealers, providing them a powerful alternative to traditional request-for-quote systems. At this year’s Asian Investors Conference, visitors to the mobile device kiosk will get an exclusive sneak peak at the Onyx Mobile Companion concept iPad application, which will bring interest rate strategies to clients wherever they are.