Note Disclaimer

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You have requested that Credit Suisse AG and/or its affiliates (together, "CS") provide you from time to time with customer statements showing indicative valuations in respect of certain financial instruments within your investment portfolio for valuation purposes (each an "Indicative Valuation"). You agree that Indicative Valuations may be prepared by a third party (each a "Third Party"). In the event that CS provides you with an Indicative Valuation prepared by a Third Party, you are deemed to have consented and agreed to receive that Indicative Valuation from CS and CS makes no representation or warranty as to, and has no responsibility for, the content of that Indicative Valuation. CS' sole involvement in relation to an Indicative Valuation prepared by a Third Party is to forward it to you. 

This Indicative Valuation is provided as an accommodation and not pursuant to any applicable regulations, such as Title VII of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. In consideration of CS providing you with such Indicative Valuations, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Indicative Valuations are provided for information purposes only, as an accommodation and without charge. They are indicative only and do not constitute an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to initiate or conclude any transaction at the value stated and any actual price of any transactions concluded by you with respect to any investment products or securities may differ substantially from the Indicative Valuation shown in this statement. In addition, as Indicative Valuations are prepared as of a particular date and time, they will not reflect subsequent changes in the market or changes in any other factors relevant to their determination. 
  2. In calculating certain Indicative Valuations, CS or the relevant Third Party may use simplified models that may not reflect or take into account all potentially significant factors such as market risk, liquidity risk, credit risk and early unwind costs and fees including with respect to funding costs (where applicable). CS or the relevant Third Party may use different models, make valuation adjustments, or use different methodologies when determining prices at which CS or the relevant Third Party may be willing to trade these financial instruments and/or when valuing its own inventory positions for its books and records. CS or the relevant Third Party may use different methodologies across its different teams to calculate Indicative Valuations. Accordingly, Indicative Valuations may not reflect the price at which CS or the relevant Third Party has traded, or was willing to trade and may differ from values used in CS or the relevant Third Party's internal books and records. 
  3. Indicative Valuations may vary significantly from dealer to dealer. CS does not warrant that Indicative Valuations are or will be representative of the valuations that may be provided to you by other dealers. 
  4. The provision by CS of Indicative Valuations for a product is not intended to imply that a secondary market for that product exists or, in particular, of any secondary market or redemption price for that product. For reasons including those mentioned above and below, any secondary market or redemption price may differ significantly from the Indicative Valuations and in particular, may value the underlying asset at levels which differ materially from those supplied by the manager or sponsor of the underlying asset or which are used in the preparation of this statement.
  5. CS does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of any Indicative Valuation, make any representation or warranty with regard to it, assume responsibility for losses or damages arising out of your use of the Indicative Valuation nor any subsequent corrections or amendments to such Indicative Valuation. 
  6. You acknowledge that CS has not advised you as to the appropriateness of any particular use of the Indicative Valuation(s), including in connection with internal financial accounting determinations or in satisfaction of reporting obligations. You should consult with your auditors and other advisors you deem appropriate as to whether the Indicative Valuations may be useful to you in connection with the preparation of your financial statements (and, in particular, whether and to what extent these Indicative Valuations may be treated as being indicative of prices at which trades could be executed) or for any other purpose. 
  7. CS may, in its sole and absolute discretion at any time, decline to provide Indicative Valuations to you on any product, notwithstanding that it may have previously provided an Indicative Valuation to you for the same or similar product or retrospectively revise Indicative Valuations already provided to you.
  8. CS is not acting in the capacity of your fiduciary or financial advisor. 
  9. CS shall have no liability to you, your affiliates or any third parties with respect to any Indicative Valuations. CS has no obligation to update any Indicative Valuation nor to correct any error in any Indicative Valuation. 
  10.  The information provided in this statement has been provided specifically for your use only and you should treat it as proprietary and confidential information. 

    This statement may not be redistributed to any third party without CS' prior written consent. 

    This statement is sent via electronic means and CS will not be held responsible for any corruption or alteration of the data during transmission to the recipient. This Indicative Valuation statement supersedes any similar information you may have received orally or in other written or electronic format from CS. 

    Additional Disclaimer in Relation to Fund Linked Products 

    This statement has been prepared on the basis of various factors including estimated net asset value data supplied by manager(s) of the underlying asset. Underlying asset data may or may not have been subject to adjustment by CS or the relevant Third Party to reflect CS's or that Third Party's estimate of the impact of recent market moves, liquidity or other relevant events affecting the underlying asset. The adjusted value may differ substantially from manager(s) estimates. CS or the relevant Third Party may make subsequent adjustments to reflect such events at any time. 

    The underlying asset(s) may have announced material changes to its redemption/liquidity terms or be affected by material changes to the redemption/liquidity terms applicable to the investments held by the underlying asset. The underlying asset may or may not have reflected such changes in its reported valuations. 

    The above events have given and/or may give rise to the determination of an asset disruption event and/or other events (including but not limited to termination events) under the terms of your product(s). As a result thereof calculations, determinations and secondary markets in respect of these product(s) may have been suspended or become subject to adjustment or estimation. 

    The above matters may have a material impact on the information contained in this statement and accordingly this statement should not be relied upon as being final and may be subject to change at any time.