General Information

Direct Investments

Medium to long-term debt obligations of Swiss and foreign debtors


  • Medium to long-term (3-12 years) debt obligations of Swiss and foreign debtors
  • Fixed term
  • Interest at rate fixed in advance
  • 100 % repayment of capital on maturity
  • No participation in company success as the investor is a lender and not co-owner


  • Medium to long-term investment option for liquid assets
  • Interest rate depends on credit rating of debtor and current conditions in the capital market


  • Credit risk (credit rating of debtor)
  • Price change risk in the event of sale before expiration date ( e.g. as a result of rising interest rates)

Special Forms

Convertible Bonds

Warrant Bonds

Bond issues in which the bonds can be converted into equity securities (shares or participation certificates) of the same company within a certain time period at a fixed price. In the event of conversion, the bond is terminated and the bondholder becomes a shareholder.

Bond issues that give the holder the right to purchase equities or participation certificates of the same company, upon submission of the warrant, at a fixed price and within a certain time period. The equities or participation certificates are purchased in addition to the bond.

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