Keep an overview of all accounts with Multibanking

Need to see all bank accounts at a glance? Why not. Or would you like to make payments without spending lots of time logging in to different banking portals? No matter how diverse your needs are, we have the perfect solutions. Right in Credit Suisse Direct or via Fides Multibanking Services.

Multibanking in Credit Suisse Direct

Multibanking in Credit Suisse Direct gives you a convenient liquidity overview of your most important banking relationships with Multibanking at Credit Suisse. You can activate and manage your third-party accounts yourself.


Enjoy the flexible display options and save time with a single login that provides you with a summary of all balances and account postings for the Credit Suisse and third-party bank accounts that you include.

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Multibanking service of Fides Treasury Service AG

Fides Multibanking Services offers global, automated cash management for all of your corporate accounts.


Enjoy a central liquidity summary and harmonized payment management. With Fides ONEHub (web platform) or direct connection to your financial and cash management software (such as ERP or TMS) you have direct and individual access to services.

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Account overview and central payments management, even using your own software

If your software is compatible, we will send you all account information for automatic account reconciliations via one of our direct interfaces – in MT94x or camt.05x format. You can also send us your payments for direct execution (pain.001) using the same channels.


On the "Digital Payment Transactions" page, you will find all additional information relating to our direct interfaces. To download our format specifications, see our Software Partners page.

Personal consultation

Do you have questions? Would you like a consultation on Multibanking? Just fill out the contact form or call our Electronic Banking Desk. We are available to assist you in person.

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