Manage your liquidity with Balance Optimizer

Make your own rules for automatic account transfers with the Credit Suisse Balance Optimizer.

The Balance Optimizer offers numerous advantages for managing your liquidity

What is the Balance Optimizer?

The Balance Optimizer is an online banking service  that lets you consolidate or balance out liquidity among various accounts at Credit Suisse. Your liquidity is managed automatically based on the rules you define in online banking.

How does the Balance Optimizer work?

The Balance Optimizer is a type of intelligent standing order. With just a few settings you define the rules to assist you with account management.


For example, as of the effective date (such as at month-end or payday) you can have the balance consolidated in your main account via automatic transfer so that the required payments (such as payroll, loan repayments) can be made. 

How do I set up the Balance Optimizer?

Issue the request directly in online banking. Your relationship manager will set it up in the next step and handle the rest for you.

What are the requirements for using the Balance Optimizer?

  • Credit Suisse Direct contract
  • All accounts must be part of the same Credit Suisse Direct contract and same client relationship.

Watch the short video for a simple explanation of the Balance Optimizer

The Credit Suisse Balance Optimizer lets you manage available liquidity in your company without complications or confusion.