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Structured Investment Planning

Plan your investments with us as part of our structured advisory process.

The key to success when making investments is to define a comprehensive financial solution tailored to your company's needs and objectives. As part of your personal consultation, we will analyze your needs, structure an overview of your investments, determine your risk profile, define your investment strategy, and work with you to implement it. This will give you the security of knowing you have made the right investment decision.

The Five Steps of a Comprehensive Investment Advisory Consultation.

Fünf Schritte einer ganzheitlichen Anlageberatung.

Step 1: Needs Analysis

Together we analyze your current financial situation and future liquidity requirements. Only in this way can we make sure that, for example, the timing of potential investments corresponds to your company's liabilities.

Step 2: Investment Overview

We create an overview of your financial investments and work together to determine the objectives for your business.

Step 3: Risk Profile

Through careful calculation of your risk ability and risk tolerance, we determine your personal risk profile. Together we discuss how much risk your business can and wants to accept in order to increase its potential profitability.

Step 4: Strategy

Based on your risk profile, we discuss your investment strategy and provide you with a suitable investment proposal.

Step 5: Implementation

After you have decided on an investment solution, we will implement it for you in a professional manner.
This is the end of the advisory cycle, but it can be completed again from the beginning, if necessary. Ultimately, continuous optimization and adjustment of your portfolio and your liquidity situation are just as much a part of Credit Suisse's advisory services as regular performance monitoring.

Personal Consultation

We're always here for you, and that's on a personal level too. Call your personal advisor or our Business Center at 0800 88 88 74*, or fill out the contact form.

* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

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