Efficient payment transactions thanks to direct interface

Do you want an efficient and straightforward solution for your payment transactions that goes beyond what is possible through online banking? Credit Suisse offers direct links that are tailored to your company in order to optimize your payment transactions.

We have the right solution at the ready to simplify your payment transaction processes. This includes both smaller companies without business software and larger companies that have a treasury management system. We offer support to software partners in implementing individual solutions.

With Direct Link, we provide our corporate clients with an interface to obtain and enter account information, credits, and payment orders in the form of electronic files. You can also obtain electronic documents via Direct Link. This particularly includes retail payments and the transfer of larger data files for batch processing.


Direct Link status page


  • Uses standard financial software with EBICS

  • Transfers all conventional formats for payments and reporting

  • One system logon for all relationships

No business software yet?

Would you like to quickly and easily issue invoices without needing to manually reconcile the status of outstanding payments anymore? Our versatile and simple online solution KLARA shortens your administrative processes – without any installation.


Information for software partners

As a software manufacturer or operator of individual software, we assist you with specifications, best-practice information, and testing options when implementing Swiss payment formats and channels.


SWIFT for corporates. Communications standard for international companies

Swift enables companies to receive financial services (payments, treasury/securities orders, reporting) from all their financial institutions through a single, highly secure, and standardized communications platform. This allows them to maintain several banking relationships, to operate cash management, and to set up a payments factory.

  • Data exchange via the SWIFT network 

  • Uses SWIFT FIN to exchange financial messages 

  • Uses SWIFT FileAct to transfer files

  • Global access to more than 11,000 banks

  • International and interbank communication solution

  • Use standardized SWIFT message types

SWIFT FileAct payment formats
Payment initiated in XML format: pain.001, pain.002
Direct debit: LSV+/BDD, pain.008 SDD, pain.002 SDD

SWIFT FIN payment formats
Payment initiation: MT101

SWIFT FileAct account information
QR-bill reconciliation: camt.054 QR
Account statement: MT940, camt.053 / account report: MT942, camt.052
E-documents (PDF)

SWIFT FIN payment formats
Account statement: MT940 / account report: MT942

  • International companies
  • Sign a basic agreement as a member of the SWIFT network
  • Technical infrastructure for connection to the SWIFT network:
    • In-house infrastructure via a SWIFT Service Bureau
    • Or through the cloud solution of a TMS/ERP provider via Alliance Lite2
    • Or a Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication connection via Fides Treasury Services

Do you have questions about these connections?

Our experts at the Electronic Banking Desk are at your disposal and will be happy to assist you.

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