As a software manufacturer or operator of individual software, Credit Suisse assists you with specifications, best-practice information, and testing options when implementing Swiss payment formats and channels.

Best practice guide

This guide describes the best practices for using payment transaction solutions between your software and Credit Suisse.



ISO 15022

Credit Suisse uses its own trigger tags and extended product codes in the MT94x reporting formats to categorize the included information.

Credit Suisse has prepared its own specifications and recommendations for implementing ISO 20022 in order to further refine the Implementation Guidelines for Switzerland and Common Global Implementation (CGI). You can find the respective documents on the Swiss and CGI market practices in the list below.

ISO 20022 Version 2009/2013 – Market Practice Switzerland (SPS)

ISO 20022 Version 2009 – Market Practice worldwide (CGI)

ISO 20022 Version 2019 – Market Practice Switzerland (SPS)

ISO 20022 Version 2019 – Market Practice worldwide (CGI)

ISO 20022 Test Platform

Credit Suisse offers a simple and extensive test platform to support our clients and software partners in the Swiss financial market in making an effortless migration of payment standards. Our test platform provides simulation and extensive analysis opportunities (e.g. advanced error recognition in the XML viewer) so that you can ensure that all of your payment requirements will be met after migrating to the new ISO 20022 payment standard.

Compatible software for payment transactions

This list includes all the financial and cash management software solutions that you can use to exchange payment transaction files with Credit Suisse. The functions offered differ depending on the channel and the financial software.



Invoicing and payment transactions in Switzerland

This article summarizes the most important information on Swiss payment transactions for software manufacturers launching products with invoicing and payment functions on the Swiss market.

Reporting formats used by Credit Suisse – message types and versions

When choosing the reporting files that Credit Suisse sends to our shared clients, the following points listed in this article must be considered.

Migration from EBICS 2.5 to 3.0

Credit Suisse Direct Link is EBICS 3.0 capable; the migration from EBICS 2.5 can begin. This article lists the requirements for conversion, the conversion process, the consequences of conversion, and other information for you as a software manufacturer:

Non-backward-compatible migration Swiss Payment Standards 2022

What needs to be noted when migrating to the Swiss Payment Standards as of November 2022? What documents and tools are available to me?

December 2023

  • Key points from the UBS and Credit Suisse Software Partner Day
  • QR-bill: Only structured addresses permitted from November 2025 onward
  • Credit Suisse ISO 20022 Test Platform with SPS 2023

August 2023

  • Release notes for SPS 2023
  • Call to action: Migration rate to ISO version 2019 and EBICS 3.0
  • Moving into invoicing and payment transactions in Switzerland
  • New EBICS specifications: version mandatory
  • camt.054 LSV/BDD in EBICS 3.0

May 2023

  • Merger with UBS and software manufacturer event
  • Deletion of old IIDs
  • Extensions to the list of compatible software
  • SPS 2023 Business Rules

February 2023

  • Swiss Payment Standards (SPS) 2021 – valid until November 2025
  • New Swiss Payment Standards (SPS) 2023 published
  • News for software manufacturers: reporting formats
  • News for software manufacturers: EBICS migration

December 2022

  • Selection of the camt.05x version by the client
  • Display e-documents in bookkeeping

October 2022

  • Formats: Swiss Payment Standards (SPS) release notes as of November 2022
  • Formats: New camt.053 and introduction of ISO version 2019
  • Optimize your QR-bill: eBill and invoicing information
  • The main takeaways from the Credit Suisse September 2022 software partner event

May 2022

  • Reporting formats for the conversion from bank payment slips with reference numbers (BISR) to QR-bills

March 2022

  • Changes and updates to the Swiss Payment Standards
  • For the sake of your hotline: Urgent communication regarding migration to the QR-bill in the near future
  • Conversion process from EBICS 2.5 to 3.0
  • Reference between camt.053 and camt.054
  • Elements for regulatory reporting