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Credit Suisse SecureSign

Credit Suisse SecureSign

Before logging into Credit Suisse Digital for the first time you will need to set-up Credit Suisse SecureSign – a two stage authentication app which ensures secure access to your online account every time you log in.

How to set-up SecureSign


Step 1: Devices

You will need two devices to activate your Credit Suisse SecureSign:

Device 1: On your mobile phone or tablet (iOS or Android with a camera), please download Credit Suisse SecureSign from Google Play or the App Store.

Device 2: On your PC or tablet (iOS only), please go to and download Credit Suisse Digital and enter your username provided in your registration email and password (sent separately by SMS).

Step 2: Scan image from your registration email into Credit Suisse SecureSign

Scan the yellow SecureSign image (from your registration email) using the Credit Suisse SecureSign app

SecureSign image

Step 3: Enter Code

Enter the 8 digit activation code in Credit Suisse Digital and click continue.

SecureSign app

Step 4: Confirm Secure Registration

A second blue SecureSign image will appear in Credit Suisse Digital. Scan this image using Credit Suisse SecureSign app. A 6 digit verification code will appear. Please enter this verification code into Credit Suisse Digital.

SecureSign app

Step 5: New User Password Change

To finish the log in process, you will now be prompted to change your initial password in Credit Suisse Digital.

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