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Meet the entrepreneurs who are taking tomorrow.

LIVEKINDLY Collective, Girteka, Linet and CropX are just a few of the private companies that have turned to Credit Suisse to help them transform their vision into a thriving business.

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Girteka. Driven to grow responsibly.

Girteka is Europe’s largest long-haul truck company by assets. Founded 25 years ago, it has doubled in size every three years so that today it leads a sector worth €100 billion a year and employs over 18,000 people.

According to Girteka CEO Edvardas Liachovičius, the company has been able to sustain such rapid growth because its management knows that with success comes responsibility – to its customers and its workforce. By constantly investing in new technology and training, Edvardas and his team are able to attract and retain reliable drivers, who deliver their customers’ cargos safely and on time. It’s a virtuous circle.

“We deliver our customers’ promises to their customers,” he says.

Watch Edvardas share how he has delivered high growth year in, year out, by behaving responsibly.

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What can entrepreneurs learn from Girteka?

  • Build a team that shares your values

    Edvardas’ concept of teamwork extends beyond his Girteka colleagues to embrace his customers and strategic partners, including his banks.

    “We have really common values with our colleagues, with our partners, with our clients. It’s a triangle. It’s sustainable, more long-term. In believing the same things, we are delivering our customers’ promises to their customers.”
  • The best way to grow is responsibly

    Girteka takes its responsibilities seriously, constantly improving its services, equipment and reach.

    “I’m happy my colleagues are happy when our customers are happy… We strive to not only be the best in the industry, but be the best for industry,” he says.

    The result is a safer working environment, better customer service and 25% annual growth.
  • Invest to be the best

    Being the best demands investment – of time, energy and money. Edvardas invests in training and state-of-the-art technology, so he can keep improving. But he also takes the time to share management’s vision for the company.

    “We have to double-check, triple-check that they [staff] are ready. We invest a lot in the education of our team to really have the best team possible for the next [move],” he says.

    Edvardas’ approach to investment at Girteka has enabled the company to double in size every three years, with Credit Suisse by his side.

For those who take tomorrow. Our services for entrepreneurs.

  • Growth enabler

  • New connections

  • Holistic advice

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For those entrepreneurs who take tomorrow.

Meet the entrepreneurs who are taking tomorrow

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