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Hunting for Delicacies

Hunting for Delicacies

Neuenschwander makes gourmet hearts beat a little faster. For over 60 years, the Bernese company has been plying Swiss tables with delicacies made with love by small family businesses. Bonviva looks into this delicatessen and reveals some food tips from gourmet food retailer Francisco Minan.

Francisco Minan's nickname, "scent hound," is well-earned. The food scout for the Bernese delicatessen company Neuenschwander always finds culinary treasures, for which he travels up to 80,000 kilometers every year. Neuenschwander supplies delicatessen departments, delicatessen shops, and gourmet kitchens throughout Switzerland with the exceptional finds that Minan brings back from his travels.  

Neuenschwander – Traditional Craft Combined with Professional Marketing

When it comes to exclusive products, no distance is too great for Minan. He seeks people who give their heart and soul – for a product and its history. He often finds these people in tiny villages, where they run small oil mills, make tomato sauce following old recipes, or produce traditional baked goods. They have perfected their craft over generations, but know little or nothing about marketing. This is where Neuenschwander comes into play: The company helps families to modernize their production facilities, develop marketing strategies, and organize transportation to Switzerland. If all goes well, the shelves of Switzerland's gourmet shops are richer for his efforts.

Pioneers of Culinary Delights

The Swiss company with 14 employees not only imports fresh delicacies, it also makes them itself in many cases. There are also always ideas for new products. For instance, in 1994, Minan developed the first white balsamic vinegar, Balsamio, for Neuenschwander. "I was inspired by housewives who didn't want their salad dressing to be so dark in color," he says. Looking for a manufacturer who could do the impossible, Minan found one – a vinegar maker in Modena was able to produce clear vinegar by not caramelizing the grape must during manufacturing.

Francisco Minan

Another highlight is Fiore di Tartufo by Neuenschwander: the only truffle oil flavored with genuine truffles rather than artificial flavorings. The process is a secret, Minan says. He worked on it for two years with the help of a perfume maker.

Despite its many successes, this pioneering company, based in Bern, continues to insist on quality over quantity. Rather than seeking the spotlight, Neuenschwander focuses attention on its producers and offers even the smallest of them a platform for their wares.

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