Our Partners Data Quest: Its Finger on the Pulse

Data Quest: Its Finger on the Pulse

Data Quest is the authorized Apple dealer in Switzerland. Whether you're looking for advice, an installation or a repair – the biggest Premium Reseller provides every client with exactly what they need. But that's not all: Today, Data Quest supplies the latest gadgets that make everyday life that bit easier.

It all began in an office in Basel in 1987. Thirty years on, only a small company sign that has never been removed recalls the early days. That was when Thomas Zitzer founded the company Ingenodata, today's Data Quest. He specialized in importing Macintosh products, Apple's first computers. The company has remained loyal to the brand until today, and they've been proved right, because Apple established itself as one of the biggest technology brands when it launched the iPhone, which benefited Data Quest too. The company expanded its branch network and currently has 16 branches throughout Switzerland, where more than 270 experts offer clients a comprehensive service package – ranging from advice and installations to repairs. As a corporate business partner, Data Quest also supports companies with evaluating and integrating products, and offers courses and training sessions.

Digitalization led to major changes in many sectors. For Data Quest too, new lines of business opened up. Nowadays, for example, their range also includes modern gadgets that make everyday life a bit easier.

Megatrends: Portability and Connectivity

"If we look into the future, the next few years will be dominated by the two trends of portability and connectivity," says Thomas Zitzer. What matters is that it will be easy for people to take devices with them everywhere. Gadgets such as fitness wristbands and smartwatches are the start of this development. The second trend is that the networking of objects will grow in importance. Everyday objects such as coffee machines, washing machines, and heating will be connected to the internet – something that is also known under the heading of "smart home." Two trends merge here: Portable gadgets such as smartphones or smartwatches will provide centralized control of the newly connected devices.

Things will continue to be exciting – technologies will be developed further and new devices will come onto the market. And in the future too, Data Quest will be right there with you as your professional partner.