Our Partners CeDe.ch: Success in the Streaming Age

CeDe.ch: Success in the Streaming Age

CeDe.ch is a Swiss pioneer in online commerce. Today, the online shop for CDs, films, and much more has to compete against streaming portals. And it does so successfully! We talked to co-founder Philippe Stuker about cultural treasures, trends, and innovations.

Mr. Stuker, CeDe.ch was one of Switzerland's very first online shops.

Yes, that's right. It was a different world back then. We started out as an online CD store, which explains our name. CDs were starting to push good old vinyl out of the market. In 2002, when we started carrying movie and game DVDs, they were considered revolutionary due to their storage capacity of 4.7 GB. The excitement has since died down, and both markets are declining. Although CDs and DVDs still account for most of our sales.

However, about two-and-a-half years ago, you started carrying vinyl records again...

That's what's so ironic: Everybody talks about digitalization, MP3s, streaming, and so on. And now those big, unwieldy, analog LPs are coming back. It's a niche market that is doing very well, by the way.

CeDe.ch Philippe Stuker

Do you have an explanation for this development?

Every trend triggers a countertrend. Audiophiles swear by the rich, warm sound of vinyl. And some people – like me – just think it's cool to put on a record. It takes more time and concentration. You also tend to listen more consciously. Vinyl records are truly a cultural treasure. Incidentally, many records today also include a code that allows you to download the music on to your mobile phone as well. Streaming is on the rise – for music as well as movies.

Streaming portals such as Spotify, maxdome, and Netflix are currently very popular. As an online shop for multimedia articles, can you compete against the digital streaming trend in the long term?

There are a lot of devoted fans who appreciate CDs and records for their cultural significance and continue to buy them. These are the customers we're trying to satisfy with our outstanding inventory and service.

On Offer: CDs, DVDs, video games, books, classic games and, for megafans, beautiful special editions.

DVDs are more challenging; we're seeing the beginning of a sea change in the market as people move toward digital television. However, in this segment as well, we are serving fans with beautifully designed, limited special editions. In the interest of continued diversification, however, we also carry six million books (and e-books), with something for every taste.

What is the most important innovation you're currently working on?

One could say that our most important innovation is doing what we do better than anyone else. Our prices are reasonable. We're a relatively small, independent Swiss company. We respond quickly, offering next-day delivery whenever possible. And delivery is free. To improve our social media presence, we have created individual Facebook pages for different categories, such as metal, Swiss music, books, chart hits, and video games, with helpful tips and contests. Our free search service also tracks down CDs, LPs, and movies no longer in production.

The makers of CeDe.ch are not resting on their laurels, but rather constantly developing their concepts. The next big step is the new design of the web shop and the continuous expansion of the product range. We wish them every success!