Leasing: The way to finance investments flexibly

Optimize your company's financing mix? Why not. Whether you want to update your machinery and vehicles or provide leasing offers for your clients: Our custom solutions and long-term experience in corporate leasing give you the flexibility even for major investments. Now also with Green Leasing.

Find the right leasing solution for your company

Thanks to our capital goods leasing you can use state-of-the-art technologies while retaining your company's flexibility. We purchase the item directly from the supplier of your choice before providing it to you for the agreed period. This allows you to use attractive growth opportunities while increasing your competitiveness.


Stay close to your clients with vehicle leasing without compromising liquidity. This will help you update or expand your vehicle fleet while retaining your capital. You can choose from full amortization with a residual value of 0.5 percent or partial amortization.


Use our Vendor Leasing to expand your service range while reducing your del credere risk. It allows you to offer your clients a custom financing solution in the form of leasing or rental and refinance these contracts with us. This is good for your balance sheet and protects your clients' equity, thereby increasing their loyalty.

Green Leasing

We contribute to your goals for sustainable development. Benefit from our wide range of products and services for your vehicles. Regardless of whether you use electricity or hydrogen, we have the right solution for you and can also co-finance your charging infrastructure.

Your benefits

  • Attractive conditions
  • Efficient processing in Online Leasing
  • Contribution to your goals for sustainable development
  • Increased residual values and co-financing options available for the charging infrastructure

Leasing framework agreement

If you plan to acquire multiple capital goods or vehicles, or you regularly invest in objects of this kind, a leasing framework agreement is your best solution. By consolidating the investments, you can make use of special attractive conditions while also benefiting from reliable planning.


Your benefits

  • Attractive terms and conditions
  • Flexibility and reliable planning
  • Time-saving and efficient processing through Online Leasing 

Comfort Leasing

With Comfort Leasing, you benefit from comprehensive insurance on your capital goods during the term of the lease. In the event of a claim, the outstanding lease payments will be covered until the damage is repaired.


Your benefits

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Lease payments covered in the event of a claim
  • Minimal administration
  • Option to add production disruption coverage
  • Option to extend after end of lease

Online Leasing

Complete your leasing transactions digitally with our Online Leasing system. It's very convenient and occurs in real time.


Your benefits

  • Simple and digital processing of the entire leasing process, from application to contract activation
  • Reduced administrative effort
  • Immediate credit decision
  • Secure access to the lease portfolio and all documents around the clock
  • Paperless and sustainable

Personal consultation

Do you have questions, or would you like a consultation on our leasing solutions? Just contact your relationship manager or fill out the contact form. We look forward to meeting you.