Sustainability for companies

Credit Suisse offers specialized advisory services and financing solutions to help you to develop and implement sustainable business models so you are prepared to meet the current and future challenges facing society.

Sustainability consulting

Credit Suisse offers a select range of sustainability consulting services. Consultation is provided by our internal sustainability team as well as specialized external partners.

Credit Suisse’s sustainability consulting services add environmental and social aspects, such as sustainable financing solutions and ratings to its existing advisory offering. Our external network provides technical advice by assisting with the development of a company-specific sustainability strategy or defining technical measures.

We will be happy to set up an initial meeting with you, your client advisor, and the sustainability team to evaluate the best way forward.

Corporate clients receive exclusive access to our specialized sustainability team. Our advisory service focuses on structuring financing solutions linked to sustainability goals. Furthermore, the team has extensive knowledge of external sustainability rating agencies and is an integral part of Credit Suisse's global network, which provides expertise in areas such as biodiversity or international market standards.

As a strategic partner to Credit Suisse, act Cleantech Agentur supports Swiss SMEs in improving their energy efficiency and decarbonizing their business models. With act's assistance you will set-up an individual decarbonization strategy with specific measures. In addition, act will help you set targets that align with the federal and cantonal energy efficiency requirements as well as to receive applicable subsidies (e.g. CO₂ levy and grid surcharge).


In addition to saving on energy costs, your company will be one step further in the transition to a low carbon economy.

Credit Suisse has a network of partners that support your company in developing sustainability goals and incorporating these into your corporate strategy, through a structured program of selected workshops.

Sustainability in the corporate world

Everyone's talking about sustainability these days and for many companies it has become a topic that can no longer be ignored. As part of a study series on the subject, Credit Suisse's economists look at the importance of sustainability for the Swiss corporate landscape. Why is it likely that climate policy measures will accelerate in Switzerland in particular? Where do companies see opportunities and what challenges do they expect to face in the transition to a low-carbon world?


Sustainable financing solutions for companies

Credit Suisse provides sustainable financing solutions that apply concepts of sustainability-linked finance and green finance. Sustainability-linked financing supports environmentally and socially sustainable business activities and growth. Green financing is primarily aimed at environmental issues such as fighting climate change. By integrating specific environmental or social objectives into the financing instruments, they underpin your company's sustainability strategy.

Green finance

Credit Suisse offers sustainable financing solutions that are exclusively intended for use on projects that provide clear environmental benefits such as, projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or protect natural resources.

Green leasing finances the modernization of your vehicles with alternative drive systems (electric, hydrogen, hybrid). This means we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Green loans finance projects or assets that make a significant contribution to an environmental goal such as cutting CO2 emissions or promoting biodiversity

Similar to green loans, green bonds are tied to environmental objectives and the funds are used exclusively for environmentally friendly projects.

In addition to green financing, Credit Suisse also offers customized financing solutions for other investments in sustainability (e.g., blue loans and social bonds).

Sustainability-linked finance

Credit Suisse offers its corporate clients sustainability-linked financing solutions in which the financing structure is tied to predefined sustainability objectives.

Decarbonisation-linked loans promote emission reduction targets by linking the achievement of decarbonization targets to the loan structure. As a result, this financing solution offers the opportunity to obtain capital while incentivizing the borrower to reduce its CO2 emissions.  


The Credit Suisse decarbonization-linked loan builds on the decarbonisation service of our partner act Cleantech Agentur Schweiz and is aligned with the Science-Based Targets initiative for SMEs.

A sustainability-linked loan (SLL) is a loan instrument which incentivizes the borrower’s achievement of ambitious, predetermined sustainability performance objectives. It is open to large corporates from all sectors who seek to manifest their sustainability ambitions in their financings and benefit from achieving their set sustainability targets.

Companies that issue sustainability-linked bonds base the coupon on certain sustainability objectives.

Sustainability at Credit Suisse

We are convinced that sustainability in our daily business is essential to long-term success. We have publicly committed to continuously developing our business model (e.g., Net Zero Banking Alliance, Science-Based Targets initiative, or SBTi) and disclose our progress in our Sustainability Report. As an international bank, we work not only nationally but also globally on issues of sustainability.

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