• First-Quarter Results 2014

    Pre-tax income of CHF 1.9 billion in strategic businesses
    and strong return on equity of 14%

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  • The Challenges of Exiting
    Quantitative Easing

    In our video, seven current and former policymakers
    share their views on the future of monetary policy.

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  • Roger Federer at Credit Suisse

    Imagine Roger Federer visits you at work. This
    happened to 6,500 Credit Suisse employees at
    the bank's Uetlihof office in Zurich.

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  • India: Stable Growth to Continue

    The outcome of the Indian election won't have a major effect
    on the economy, according to Credit Suisse experts.

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Brazil's Winning Ticket

Brazil's Winning Ticket

Developing Brazil's pre-salt oil resources got off to a rocky start, but it's energy prospects are more encouraging now.

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Our Partner: Frescobaldi

Our Campaign: Frescobaldi Conquers the World

Credit Suisse is helping Frescobaldi take root in new markets.

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Labor Market Health Check

Labor Market Health Check

On first blush, the U.S. labor market seems a lot healthier than Europe's. With a closer look, the picture changes.

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Michio Kaku: How the World Will Look in 20 Years

Michio Kaku: How the World Will Look in 20 Years

The renowned Japanese futurist delivers his vision on the future of science, business, finance and everyday life.

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