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  1. Sell Your Privacy for Eight Dollars a Month

    That’s the typical fee if a company called Datacoup tracks your online activity and then sells it to marketers – with your consent. Other companies are also pursuing businesses that pay for personal information.

  2. Where Would We Be Without Banks?

    In the seven centuries they've existed, modern finance houses have created and undergone a lot of change. This is probably the only thing about them that in future won't change.

  3. The Rise of the Robo-Advisers

    Automated wealth investment services – "Robo-Advisers" – present a low-cost alternative to wealth investment, and are enjoying an exponential growth in market share. What exactly do Robo-Advisers do, and what can private banking learn from this new paradigm?

  4. Will We Soon Live in a Cashless Society?

    Denmark wants to get rid of cash, Sweden is following the trend. Will cash soon be a thing of the past? This vision doesn't seem to be completely unrealistic, given the current revolution in the transaction technologies.

  5. Artificial Intelligence: How Machines Learn to Smell

    Machines are increasingly demonstrating the capabilities of a genuine Artificial Intelligence (AI). They can beat chess grandmasters, win million-dollar quiz shows, help diagnose cancer, and soon even smell like a human nose. A look at AI and what it means for our future.

  6. FinTech Startups Can Make Banking Stronger

    The banking sector should look to Silicon Valley and client-focused companies as inspiration for deep change, says Urs Rohner, chairman of Credit Suisse.

  7. The Digital Farmer 

    San Francisco-based the Climate Corporation is reinventing farming. Sensors and robots ensure larger harvests with the use of fewer resources. This will help both large farmers in the US and small-scale farmers in Africa.