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  1. ILS investing, reinsurance trends & outlook, and COVID-19 impacts 

    Niklaus Hilti, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies, gave an interview to Artemis1 about the current state of the insurance-linked securities (ILS) investment space and reinsurance market trends.

  2. Reinsurance market renewals, Recap of January 1, 2020

    Reinsurance market renewals

    The January 1 renewal cycle is important for investor returns as more than half of all reinsurance contracts are renewed in this time frame.

  3. Is cyber the “new property”?

    Is cyber the “new property”?

    Natural catastrophes such as hurricanes and earthquakes have existed longer than mankind itself. Property insurance as we know it today is much younger, but nevertheless can be traced back to the seventeenth century. The first stochastic natural catastrophe models, helping insurers and reinsurers better understand and price the risk, were only developed in the late 1980s. 

  4. Hurricane frequency in Florida and the potential impact of climate change

    Hurricane frequency in Florida and the potential impact of climate change

    With global warming receiving increased media attention, the record insurance losses caused by natural catastrophes in 2017 and 2018 have made the general public, and the insurance community in particular, question a potential relationship between climate change and increasing insurance losses. 

  5. Forecasts for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Accurate hurricane forecasting is a bit like the holy grail for reinsurers and ILS managers. If you know whether a hurricane season will be active or inactive, or whether to expect no landfalls or many landfalls, you may be able to adjust your portfolio, for example by taking on more risk during an “inactive” season or buying more hedges during an “active” season. But how reliable are hurricane season forecasts? And what is the forecast for the 2019 hurricane season, which has already begun?

  6. Managed futures – how to diversify with trend following

    Investors are scouring the investment universe for sources of return which are not correlated to traditional equity and fixed income performance. Trend following may offer an attractive return profile for such investors.

  7. Insurance-Linked Strategies – Independent  by Nature

    Insurance-Linked Strategies – Independent by Nature

    In terms of attractiveness to investors, ILS are gaining popularity thanks to their low correlation to other asset classes and their attractive yield potential, especially in the current low interest rate environment.

  8. Trends – Institutional Monthly Convertible bonds – in search of asymmetric opportunities

    Convertible Bonds – in Search of Asymmetric Opportunities

    Convertible bonds combine bond-like downside protection and equity-like upside participation; they are particularly suited to periods of high volatility and an uncertain market outlook. 

  9. Trends – Institutional Monthly Generating returns through alternative sources of fixed income

    Generating Returns Through Alternative Sources of Fixed Income

    In the current climate, investors need to look beyond traditional fixed income offerings to fulfill their yield and return requirements. Absolute return long/short strategies are one such option.

  10. Uncovering Hidden Risks

    Given the five-year anniversary of the equity market rally, further gains expected to remain modest.