Asset Management Commodities


Credit Suisse Asset Management offers investors an important diversification tool through convenient, cost-effective access to commodity markets.

The platform provides efficient commodities exposure through the creation and management of enhanced and actively managed commodity-linked derivative portfolios tailored to the appropriate benchmark to meet specific client needs. The capabilities represent both a long-term, consistent track record, and a strong organizational commitment to developing, growing, and distributing commodity strategies.

The Commodities Team is led by industry veterans with extensive derivatives backgrounds and over 29 years of combined experience in the space. Beginning in 1994, the dedicated commodities portfolio management team sought to add alpha through a consistent strategy designed to identify and exploit inefficiencies in the futures roll cycle. The team maintains a conservative approach to managing the underlying cash-collateral portfolio in order to preserve the diversification and inflation-protection qualities of the asset class. Through various fund structures, the team offers a broad range of managed commodity solutions, ranging from enhanced index to active, in order to meet each investor’s unique risk appetite and investment goals.

Credit Suisse Enhanced Total Commodity Return Strategy

The Credit Suisse Enhanced Total Commodity Return Strategy neutralizes spot risk by targeting the same weights as the benchmark while actively managing the roll and maturity of contracts. The Team’s consistent, transparent investment process employs proprietary analytics to attempt to exploit commodity-market inefficiencies and provide commodity-index exposure without introducing undue spot risk or duration risk.

Credit Suisse ACCESS Total Commodity Return Strategy

Active strategy which over/underweights exposure to various commodities based on a quantitative and qualitative process, while actively managing the roll and maturity of contracts. 

Credit Suisse Risk Parity Total Commodity Return Strategy

Targets equal risk contribution from commodities within and across sectors, while actively managing the roll and maturity of contracts.