Asset Management Commodities


Credit Suisse Asset Management Commodities has offered cost-effective and efficient exposure to broad basket commodities since 1994.

The Commodities Team is led by industry veterans with over 45 years of combined experience. With a long-term track record since 1994, the portfolio management team has been providing efficient and cost-effective exposure to a variety of different commodity benchmarks. The Team seeks to add value in commodities markets through identifying market inefficiencies and price dislocations. The philosophy includes a conservative approach to managing the underlying cash-collateral portfolio in order to preserve the diversification and inflation-protection qualities of the asset class. Through various fund structures and separate accounts, the team offers a broad range of managed commodity solutions – enhanced index, active management, and absolute return strategies – in order to meet each investor’s unique risk appetite and investment goals.

Market Insights

Potential risks of investing in commodities:

  • Past performance is no guarantee or indicator of future results.
  • Speculative nature of commodities investments. Investing in commodities is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. There is no assurance that technical and risk management techniques, as well as the investment decisions made by the investment manager, will not expose investors to risk of significant losses.
  • Market-driven risk could negatively affect the value of a particular investment.
  • Credit risk may occur if a counterparty defaults or is unable to honor a financial obligation.
  • Commodity-linked derivatives may be subject to greater volatility than traditional securities.