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Wealth management

Wealth planning

Helping to plan your future

Planning for retirement and succession are priorities for you and your family that our Wealth Planning team can help you address. We advise in areas such as:

  • Investment structures, such as offshore bonds, to help you invest your wealth in a tax efficient manner, be this for yourself or future generations.
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) to give you access to investment into UK smaller companies with the advantage of generous tax reliefs.
  • Estate planning including trusts and insurance based solutions to control how and when assets are distributed to intended beneficiaries.

Our global team of wealth management and wealth planning experts is ready to help put your wealth to work for you and your family.

Wealthy families and Credit Suisse

There are those who inherit wealth and those who pass it on. What you choose to do with your family’s wealth is an expression of your own deeply held values, and we are here to counsel families like yours on finding the best path forward.


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Best Private Bank for Entrepreneurs

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