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Choose how you want to manage your investments. We provide the expertise. You make the decisions.

Credit Suisse Invest

Our innovative, tailor-made investment solutions, let you decide on the scope and frequency of advice, portfolio monitoring, research insights and investment ideas you receive. You can count on us to leverage our global network of investment specialists – for a reliable, transparent and pro-active approach to managing your assets.

Credit Suisse Invest Mandate

This discretionary management service is a perfect choice for those who have little time to manage their own portfolio. You decide on the appropriate investment strategy and delegate the management and execution to our expert team of investment managers, backed by our global capabilities.

Credit Suisse Invest Mandate

Credit Suisse Invest Expert

This advisory solution is designed for investors looking to make more informed decisions and seize new opportunities. An investment team will help you manage your assets in a flexible way, offering tailored advice and strategies on all asset classes. Within the team, a dedicated Investment Consultant serves as your link to the global markets.

Credit Suisse Invest Expert

A Choice of Locations

Choose where you hold your assets while maintaining your relationship with Credit Suisse in the UK. Our booking centres include London, Zurich, Guernsey and Singapore.

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Contact us to discuss your investment management needs. Minimum investment for Credit Suisse Invest Expert in the UK is GBP2m.  Minimum investment for Credit Suisse Invest Mandate in the UK is GBP750,000.

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Investment Research

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