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Credit Suisse Digital Mobile Token

Credit Suisse Digital Mobile Token

Before logging in to Credit Suisse for the first time, you will need to set-up your Credit Suisse Digital on your dedicated mobile device. This ensures secure access to your online account every time you login.

How to set-up Credit Suisse Digital


Step 1: Download the Credit Suisse Digital App

You will need to do your registration for Credit Suisse Digital on your dedicated mobile device:

Step 2: Set-up your password via the dedicated button in the Welcome Email

Click on the button in your email called "set password". A browser window will open where you will be able to define your password. Please note that this link is valid for 7 days and one-time use only.

Step 3: Select your booking location and give consent to security push notifications

Open the Credit Suisse Digital App on your mobile device. Select the booking location where the account(s) you want to access online are booked. Give your consent to receive push notifications (please be aware that this is only for security/login related push notifications).

Credit Suisse Digital

Step 4: Terms & Conditions and Login

The next steps is to accept the Terms and Conditions for Credit Suisse Digital After that please enter your Username and password you defined. Now, please set-up your individual six digit banking app code.

Step 5: Mobile Device verification

You will now receive a SMS code (valid for 5 minutes) which verifies your mobile number. After successful validation, you will be able to set-up your Face ID or Fingerprint and ready to use the App.

Credit Suisse Digital

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