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Silver economy

The Silver economy comes of age

The Silver economy is ripe for investment. Globally, the number of people aged 60-plus will more than double to at least 2 billion by 2050. Never before have seniors had such spending power.1 Investors looking at this demographic should focus on experienced providers, innovators and those leading on value and cost.

Investment opportunities in biopharma, care and consumer

Fundamentals are strong for therapeutics and devices companies, healthcare and facilities, as well as pensions, health and life insurance. The opportunities for good returns are immediate as well as medium- and long-term. This is why we call the Silver economy a Supertrend.

Get the lowdown on investing in the Silver economy

We discuss the areas to look out for in medicine such as applying messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) advances to oncology and even regenerative diseases and how while business travel is unlikely to rebound to previous levels travel for leisure is set to bounce back.

This is a Financial Promotion

Focus on innovative therapies - medicine icon

Focus on innovative therapies

Those working on antibody therapies – think mRNA vaccines during the Covid-19 pandemic – will continue to innovate rapidly, delivering breakthroughs for globally pervasive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancers.2

Similarly attractive are companies focusing on prevention and early diagnosis, as they will help keep a brake on otherwise rising treatment costs. Liquid biopsies and medical imaging are promising niches, the former estimated to be worth up to $75 billion in the U.S. alone.3

House - fille the gap - icon

Fill the funding gap in care

Dedicated healthcare and equipment providers are in prime position to meet the needs of the aging population. With demand rising, there’s already a provision gap. For accommodation, consider providers that operate across the care spectrum from independent living to the infirm. For telemedicine, set to be worth $460 million annually by 2030, proven operators and those offering services that help plan for multiple chronic conditions are well placed to offer good returns.4 Also, seek out companies extending services into new areas set to benefit from seniors’ greater wealth. These include dermatology, behavioral health and second opinions.5 It’s also worth noting the potential of telehealth diagnostics – forecast at $71.4 billion by 2027.6

New opportunities in private pensions - report icon

Review opportunities in private pensions, healthcare and insurance

The trend is toward greater private-sector pensions as state provision comes under pressure from strained public finances. There is also scope for growth in insurance.7 We concur with Swiss Re’s view that demand will grow with the general increase in health risk awareness following the pandemic.8 Insurers with online distribution in under-penetrated markets such as China offer great potential, but there are also opportunities for established providers.

Spot shifting consumer trends - luggage icon

Spot shifting consumer trends

Demand has been suppressed by the pandemic and is likely to take time to recover. But travel and tourism for the Silver economy are worth watching as investment opportunities. Some evidence suggests there is a shift under way from global to local brands.9

Opportunities to explore:

  • Consider innovative biopharma, medical tech and life sciences companies focusing on seniors
  • Seek out companies within senior housing and managed care and those with competitive telemedicine services
  • Review pension, health and insurance providers
  • Watch travel and tourism and be alert to the growing power of local brands

Investments can go down as well as up and your capital may be at risk

Connect with our experts to learn more about the Supertrends 2021.

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Source: Credit Suisse, unless otherwise noted.

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